Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm Running Again

Okay, enough of the Cape Town recaps.

Let's talk about something new. Something that been seriously lacking over here at Posh Meets Pavement.


I'm back. Well, if we want to get technical, I'm nowhere near being "back" to where I was when I stopped running, but I'm getting there.

Why the sudden change of heart? Weather is finally warming up and I miss the feeling of training for a goal (Erin's posts have also been really motivating!). Training towards a race always has its ups and downs, but there is something very special about crossing that finish line and feeling proud of your body for doing something pretty amazing.

I stopped running because I was burned out on training after my first marathon and Zooma Chicago. Then winter came and I didn't have an ounce of motivation. Now I crave it, so when an invitation to Michelob ULTRA Chicago 13.1 Marathon found its way into my inbox, I took it as a sign!


from website

 You see that date? June 7th. I decided to "kick off" my training on April 7th, giving me exactly 8 weeks to get myself to a place where I can complete 13.1 miles.

Did you see what I did there? I took the pressure off myself. No time goal, no looking at my Garmin and feeling disappointed, no pushing myself to a place where I feel like the number on my training plan is chore instead of a joy. Running for the joy of just running, with a race as an exclamation point to commemorate building up to a level of fitness that is worth a medal (that's an awkward sentence and I'm okay with it).

My training is super low key.

  • 3 days of running per week
  • long run over the weekend, capped at 10 miles
  • flywheel for cross-training once a week
  • yoga and/or strength training once a week (I do yoga at home with DailyBurn) 
  • Logging all my mileage on Dailymile.com (be my friend!) 

My Garmin has also been taking its sweet time learning how to do its job again. I mean, the only purpose of the Garmin is to track mileage, and it REALLY struggled the first two runs. Things seem to be back to normal, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the trend continues. I have no desire to drop dough on another Garmin. 

Did I mention that it is my anniversary weekend too? 2 reasons to take a bottle of bubbly to the face on the night of the 7th.

Expect so see some more running (probably more running selfies and bopping) around here.

Get excited, I am!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cape Town: Do I miss it?

After the golf/cheetah/beach day, we had our last supper at the house. 

As per normal, the chef put on a delicious spread for dinner.

tempura prawns
Spinach Salad
We reflected on the vacation and the inevitable question came up. "Don't you guys miss living in Cape Town?" 


I miss my in-laws, I miss some friends, I miss the natural beauty of the city, I miss that little Fifi, and I miss some elements of my life there, but coming back and visiting reiterated that my husband and I are in the right place. I wasn't an easy decision to pick up our lives and move to Chicago for him to attend business school, but we did it. Life moves forward, opportunity lies ahead, and sometimes you have to just take a step forward without understanding where the path will lead. We moved to Chicago with the intention of living here for 2 years, and now we have made this city our home. 

Life changes and it is wonderful. I loved my life in Cape Town and I was very fortune to have such an incredible expat experience. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine living in South Africa and I did it (like a boss!).  Now I'm in Chicago and I love my life here. Life is what you make it and I do my best to embrace the experience, and live in the principles of gratitude.

Sharing Cape Town with my friends was wonderful experience. They got a glimpse of our life prior to Chicago, and we got to share a people, places, and experiences that comprised our 4.5 years in Cape Town.

It was especially weird/fun to go back into my old house. Here's some flashback photos from when we lived there....

Wrapping up the trip was hard. Saying goodbye to my family (I have a new niece!) and the staff at the house (a couple of them are like family) was difficult. I don't know when I will be back, and it is hard to know that my nieces and nephews are growing up so fast without us there. Why is Cape Town so freaking far away from Chicago? 

So that's that. The trip was amazing, and I cannot believe we have friends that like us enough to buy tickets half way around the world.

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