Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It has been a while- Let's talk about Istanbul

When you have been gone for so long, how do you come back?

I figured pictures would be easiest. I went to Turkey at the end of summer and I never got to share, so here it is.

There is also about 5 million other things I want to share (I have a phone FULL of pictures) and work has been slowing down from the whirlwind that was September and October, so I'm hoping to get back in the swing of it.

Until then...enjoy my Istanbul pictures.

Blue Mosque

Uncovered treasures at Hagia Sophia 

Just a carpet fashion show 

The Four Seasons Istanbul - absolutely stunning

The fan-dam-mily 

Lunch at The House Hotel 

Thanks for everyone that wrote me notes and emails telling me how much they missed my blog. I missed blogging! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Viceroy Miami & The Juice Spot

We're going to be jumping around here, mmmkay? Mostly because I have a backlog of things I want to share. 

So backing up to my work trip to Miami...

I worked all weekend, which gave me Monday and Tuesday off, so we decided to stay down in Miami for two days before heading home to Chicago. I pricelined a 5-star hotel and ended up with The Viceroy Miami. I have a style crush on Kelly Wearstler (she does the interiors for the The Viceroy) and I have stayed at The Viceroy in Palm Springs, so I knew it was going to be fabulous. 

As expected, the room was chic and stylish. As soon as we dropped our bags, we put on our swimsuits and headed to the rooftop pool. The pool was really long and had a beautiful view of the city.  We enjoyed the sunshine and the spectacular ocean views until the World Cup game started and we moved into the restaurant for some TV time. After the game we showered up and went for a walk to find some dinner. 

After my hospital stay, I really appreciated loose clothing since I still had some bloating and incisions in my back. I grabbed this Tory Burch Sweater (now on sale!) before I headed down to Miami and paired it with C.Wonder boyfriend jeans and gold Jack Rogers. I was craving sushi, so we found Doraku Sushi on Yelp and split a bunch of different roles. There also may have been a 10 min after dinner walk for froyo...

The next morning, my husband was eager to hit the gym. Upon getting released from the hospital, I was not allowed to work out, so I decided to join him for an extremely slow treadmill walk. We walked through The Viceroy spa on the way to the gym and I was in awe of the whimsical design of the waiting area. Next time I need to have a treatment and experience this magical lap of luxury.

After his workout and my snail-paced treadmill walk, we went to breakfast at The Juice Spot. My husband typically leaves me to select restaurants on vacation since I am a huge Yelper (follow me HERE), but this place was his request. It is in a weird location, but has a huge draw since it is owned by Savannah James (Lebron's wife) and he is constantly giving it social media shout outs.

 The menu has smoothies, juices, and bowls and each one looks better than the next. We decided to split Chef B's Acai Bowl and The Spot Oatmeal.

Both were phenomenal. I have had a Acai bowls at various places, but this one had the perfect combination of sweet and tart. The icy mixture was topped with granola, mango drizzle, blueberries, and sliced banana. 

The oatmeal reminded me of overnight oats, but had a thick gummy texture from the chia seeds.  I avoided the banana, but regardless, the oats themselves had the perfect touch of sweetness from vanilla whey and almond milk. I would love to get the recipe for this because both my husband and I loved it and the ingredients seem pretty straightforward.  Between the icy acai and the creamy vanilla oats, I had the most perfect breakfast. I will definitely be back to this place next time we are in Miami! 

We didn't have any of the smoothies or juices, but that will be something I look forward to trying next time.

Have you ever booked a "mystery" hotel on Priceline or Hotwire? This was my second time and both were great experiences. I use Betterbooking for intel on which hotels participate. 

Anyone have the inside scoop on the recipe for The Spot Oatmeal (or something similar)?