Monday, April 21, 2014

Cape Town: Do I miss it?

After the golf/cheetah/beach day, we had our last supper at the house. 

As per normal, the chef put on a delicious spread for dinner.

tempura prawns
Spinach Salad
We reflected on the vacation and the inevitable question came up. "Don't you guys miss living in Cape Town?" 


I miss my in-laws, I miss some friends, I miss the natural beauty of the city, I miss that little Fifi, and I miss some elements of my life there, but coming back and visiting reiterated that my husband and I are in the right place. I wasn't an easy decision to pick up our lives and move to Chicago for him to attend business school, but we did it. Life moves forward, opportunity lies ahead, and sometimes you have to just take a step forward without understanding where the path will lead. We moved to Chicago with the intention of living here for 2 years, and now we have made this city our home. 

Life changes and it is wonderful. I loved my life in Cape Town and I was very fortune to have such an incredible expat experience. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine living in South Africa and I did it (like a boss!).  Now I'm in Chicago and I love my life here. Life is what you make it and I do my best to embrace the experience, and live in the principles of gratitude.

Sharing Cape Town with my friends was wonderful experience. They got a glimpse of our life prior to Chicago, and we got to share a people, places, and experiences that comprised our 4.5 years in Cape Town.

It was especially weird/fun to go back into my old house. Here's some flashback photos from when we lived there....

Wrapping up the trip was hard. Saying goodbye to my family (I have a new niece!) and the staff at the house (a couple of them are like family) was difficult. I don't know when I will be back, and it is hard to know that my nieces and nephews are growing up so fast without us there. Why is Cape Town so freaking far away from Chicago? 

So that's that. The trip was amazing, and I cannot believe we have friends that like us enough to buy tickets half way around the world.

Recaps from the trip: 

Long Time, No See 
Sunday Lunch
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Lion's Head Hike

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cheetah (the actual animal, not the print)

 I imagine there are going to be two questions that arise when you look at these photos.

1- Is this safe? I think so

2- Did she wash her hair at all during this vacation? the occasions were far and few between

Once again, our group was divided between golfers vs. non-golfers for the morning. The golfers woke up at the crack of dawn and did their thing and we decided to get our Africa on and visit the cheetahs at Cheetah Outreach. I had been once before when they were located at Spier, but I hadn't seen their new location. I also felt a little guilty about not doing safari with our guests, so I figured this would be a cheap thrill.

The little guy was a little apprehensive during the safety briefing, but we were not about to let him travel all the way to Africa without seeing any animals. 

This looks fishy, but I promise this cheetah was alive and well. She just happened to be napping. 

The golden rule of cheetah petting was to go the same direction as the fur. Look at the little guy nailing the technique.

Look who woke up for the next guests.

After the cheetah experience, we headed back to meet up with the guys for lunch at Col Cacchio in Camps Bay. 

After lunch, we headed across the street to enjoy the sunshine at the beach. Weather was up and down during our stay in Cape Town, but this was definitely ending on a high note. 

Are you tired of the Cape Town posts yet?