Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Almost Famous

Well this is weird, but I'm going to go with it.

There's this book.

It is a long story, but basically, I'm in it.  Anyone read it? It is an inside look at the hotel industry and it is highly entertaining. I knew the book was being written (I know the author), but I had NO IDEA I was going to be making an appearance.

As soon as I found out there were characters based on my husband and I, I ripped through the book to find us. Anyone care to take a guess on which characters we are? Names have been changed, details have been nudged here and there, but it is us.

Here's my friend Jake chatting with Barbara Walters

& here is Jake giving you some travel tips 

Go read it! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just a collection of thoughts

1. I had a root canal last weekend and today I had a temporary crown put on. My teeth are deceptive. They look pretty good, but apparently there is some questionable stuff going on beneath the surface.   Did I mention I have major anxiety about the dentist? Yep. A fun twist of fate. Luckily, I have found my "dream team" for all my dental needs here in Chicago and they deal with all my nerves and quirks. 

2. Did you know that Roger Federer had twins again? Not only did he have twins the day after my birthday (May 6th), but he also stole one of my names. This guy is totally infringing on my territory. 

3. I had some birthday money and treated myself to a new piece of luggage. Yes, I have a beautiful baby Louis, but I needed something a little more practical for work. I have been using my husband's Tumi, but he is starting his big-boy job soon and will be needing his luggage, so I needed to get something. When I saw that Tumi had a new accent line with colors and fun monograms, I was sold. Now my luggage says, "I'm 98% professional, 2% chic".

4. I have been going to FREE fitness classes at Nike Training Club on Michigan Ave. They are awesome and FREE, so basically like the best thing ever.  I feel like I'm in on huge secret, but they are open to everyone. Visit their Facebook Page and click 'Train with Us' to sign up for classes (and say Hi to me if you see me).

5. I want crop tops to stop being popular. And Smoking. And high-waisted shorts that show butt cheeks. There is a population in Chicago that is riding this wave HARD and I can't get on board. 

6. Those Lollies hair ties in my June PopSugar Must Have Box? I didn't realize how perfectly they would be as an addition to my arm party.  How smart is it to have fashionable hair tie on your wrist? My husband actually commented and said, "cute bracelet" and had no idea it was a hair tie. 

I feel so weird in bright nail polish

7. Spotted in a pack of Reese's- an unidentified hair! See that black wisp above the R on the lower right Reese's?  a single hair in a sealed package - so gross. It will be a long time before I can eat one of these guys, which is probably not a bad thing. 

Clothing trend you cannot get on board with? 

Grossest thing you have found in your food?