Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MyOatmeal customized oatmeal review

That Instagram gets the best of me. 

I see something once and I'm like, "that looks interesting"
Then it pops up again and I'm like, "twice I've seen that, is this a sign from the universe?"
Third time ? "omg, Ineedthisrightnow...." 

It happens with lots of things.  Restaurants my friends (internet and real life) are eating at, elements of an outfit, combinations of food people are whipping up in their kitchen, and new brand and products. 

MyOatmeal was one of those things. I saw it a handful of times on my feed, and soon enough I was over on their site putting together my own custom blend. Instagram 1, Sierra 0. 

The concept is simple: Customize your oatmeal with flavors, fruits, nuts, seeds, protein, spices, and sweeteners. MyOatmeal makes it happen. 

For my first order, I made two custom oatmeal blends and one custom PB Lean (powdered peanut butter). I didn't realize they made custom PB Lean, but when I saw it on the site, I clearly had to partake in the mixing magic. 

Soon enough they were at my doorstep. 

Not only do you get the custom mix, but they also do you the favor of calculating the nutritionals for you as well. You can see the nutritional facts as you put together your mix online and they put the custom label right on the bag. This is perfect if you are tracking your calories and/or macros.

In case you wanted to see what I ordered, I've shared my custom blends. The brown sugar donut was awesome. I don't love Splenda, but I went with it. They also offer monk fruit as a low calorie option, but I was nervous to try something new, so I went with Splenda. I hope they get stevia (are you listening MyOatmeal?).

My PB combo was simply light roasted peanut flour with graham cracker crust and cookie dough flavors. So. freaking. delicious. I love adding a bit of this to a vanilla protein shake or mixing it with plain 0% Fage for a snack.

I also put together a heartier mix with Smash Blend Oatmeal that contain oats, rye, barley, and flax and added whey protein and cake batter and vanilla frosting flavors. To be honest, I don't love the texture of this one. I also think I got a little carried away and added too much. I still enjoy it, but I don't think I would order it again.

I usually have the gluten free oatmeal in the blue bag from Trader Joe's, but I've enjoyed having these fun mixes. I also think these are fantastic for traveling. All you would need to do is use a base of quick cooking oats and then add hot water. I often bring a bag of oatmeal to the airport since it is easy to get a cup of hot water from a coffee shop or on a flight.

Want to see what I look like when I inspect my oats? You're welcome...

Obligatory oatmeal picture. The brown sugar donut oatmeal with a glob of Justin's crunchy almond butter makes a pretty solid breakfast. 

This isn't a sponsored post, I just really enjoyed the experience and wanted to share it. I love food and I love this concept. 

What's your favorite oatmeal mix-in or flavor? 

Has Instagram peer pressured you into buying something? what? 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Athleta Oak St. & Weekend #OOTD

Well, life happened and I missed it because I was on a flight home from Denver for work. I hope everyone that went had fun! 

If you follow me on Instagram (love me some Insta!), you have already seen this, but Athleta was kind enough to send me some duds from their new collection. 

Fastest Track Tank/Floral Geo Solar Capris/ Sentry Hoodie Sweatshirt
True Life: I didn't want to post these pictures because my armpit looks fat. Then I realized to keep it real and carry on living my life.

I was also pretty nervous about the graphic print on the capris. I typically go with a solid dark for my workout bottoms, so this was a big step outside my comfort zone. So far, so good. There is a zipper pocket in the back and it fits my iphone, so in my mind these capris get a thumbs up! 

The hoodie is a great cozy weekend item. I do find the sleeves to be a little tight around the wrists (maybe I have fat armpits AND fat wrists), but I love the stretchy fabric and the slouchy hood. We grabbed donuts and went to our new house on Saturday and I had an extra cozy outfit that featured my new hoodie. 
Jacket, Barbour. Sentry Hoodie Sweatshirt, Roger Federer Hat, Nike. Black capris, Lululemon.  Sunglasses, Prado. Iphone case, Pretty Smitten (Etsy)
On Sunday, I had a late morning workout and was too lazy to shower, so I wore my workout duds for my weekend errands. 

I was dying to see the new store, so I ventured up Michigan until I hit Oak Street and looked for the new Athleta store. In my mind, I thought it was near Tory Burch, but it is in the old Juicy Couture space, near Blow by Blow.

The store is in a beautiful building and covers two floors. The lifestyle and the yoga clothing are upstairs and everything else in on the ground floor. How cute are the Floral Geo Solar capris in purple and blue (top right)?

I was really impressed with the variety of clothes. There seemed to be a lot more items in the store than what I saw online and I really liked their lifestyle clothing. I really wanted this Tech Hoodie but couldn't justify another grey sweatshirt, so I ended up purchasing this black tank with mesh that I thought would look cute with a bright sports bra. 

They are also offering community events at the store! February's studio of the month is Exhale, so I highly encourage you to check it out. 

Keep up to date on all the happenings of Athleta Oak St. by following them on Twitter (@Athleta_OakSt) or stopping by at checking out the calendar.

Favorite piece of clothing to lounge in on the weekends? I have a lakers tee that is ridiculously soft and cozy. I also really like wearing smartwool socks around the house instead of slippers.

Random question: do you put your workout clothes in the dryer? I've started to make the change and let them air dry in my guest bathroom. Do you think it it worth the extra time?