Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yoga Misunderstanding

This morning my friend texted me about a forest yoga class. Since the weather was pretty nice, I agreed. I imagined a quiet little grove in the forest with birds chirping. yoga

I was a little confused about what to bring and what to wear, but I brought a big yoga bag full of anything that was possibly required.

As I was walking out the door, my friend called and I asked her what I needed for this forest yoga. She laughed and explained it was Ana Forrest, not yoga in the forest. forrest (1)

First and foremost, I was relieved I wasn't going to have to practice on the ground. Secondly, I was a bit embarrassed, and lastly, I was just as confused about forest/Forrest yoga as ever. ana

The class was at Yoga Spirit and was a practice lead by a voice recording of Ana Forrest. The two hours were intense and incredible. I have done guided practice from an audio recording before, but this was another level.

Apparently she is coming to Cape Town...

Ana and I clearly got off on the wrong foot with a misunderstanding, but after a sweaty 120 minutes, I am a fan.



Ali Mc said...

that is hilarious....but also very disappointing :( I am sure Anne Forrest is AMAZING but I'd be sooooooo content doing yoga in a forest! I love connecting /w nature and my body. I am stealing this idea! my next yoga session will be outside ;)

PS: I LOVE your blog name and blog in general. Namaste to you too, Ali said...

I think the perfect situation would be Anne Forrest's voice playing from a tree in a forest and the head instructor was actually none other than our own BABY FOREST! I'd come to that yoga class, for sure.

Sierra said...

I think that would be the perfect combination. Forrest in the forest with Baby Forest.

Yoga Chants said...

Sun salutation is my favorite time for performing yoga poses ; it's just so refreshing and calming to do yoga in forest. I look forward to your next post.

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