How to Make Canned Pumpkin

It’s Fall in the States and everyone is buzzing about Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Americans may have Starbucks, but here in South Africa, pumpkin is a staple all year round.

There is a catch. Libby’s doesn’t exist. In fact, there is no canned pumpkin AT ALL. This makes absolutely no sense to me. In a country where pumpkin is so prevalent, i think canned pumpkin would be obvious. But it’s not.

We have diced pumpkin, and whole pumpkins. I get diced because I have a life and peeling a pumpkin doesn’t sound fun.

Set up your steaming apparatus. I have a silicone steaming basket.

Once the water is boiling, add your diced pumpkin. Don’t fill the pot too full because you will need to later add the lid.

Spread the chunks out so that steam can reach each and every piece.

Cover with lid, but do not seal completely.

Steam for 5-10 minutes. The steaming time depends on the size of your pumpkin chunks and the size of your pan. When the chunks are fork tender, it is done. Check a couple of the chunks to make sure they are cooked throughout.

Place thoroughly cooked chunks in a food processor.

Put on the lid and pulse away.

Pulse for approximately a minute and then scrape down sides to ensure all of the mix see adequate time with the blades.

Let the food processor run a minute or two longer and repeat the scrapping down of the side of the bowl. When all the chunks are gone, you should have a smooth puree.


Just like canned pumpkin, but more labor intensive.

Spoon into sealable container and refrigerate.

Why do I need canned pumpkin?

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Plus, mixing it into oat bran! The potential is endless.

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