The Hype

This morning I dragged myself to the Bosu Class at the gym bright and early. Friday’s class has an amazing instructor, so by the time the hour was up, I was feeling pretty fantastic. IMG_0458

Breakfast was pumpkin oat bran made with my homemade canned pumpkin. I added an egg white and a spoonful of BSN cinnamon roll protein powder and whisked it together with chia seeds, stevia, vanilla and lots of cinnamon.


I put it in a jar because I’m weary of plastic and ate in the car while my husband drove me to work. I finally tried this Artisana raw almond butter that I had seen on so many blogs and it is completely delicious. I put half on my oat bran and consumed the other half straight from the package mid-morning. This breakfast was un-real and will be repeated until I am burnt out on it.

Another favorite treat that came in my special package was this Celestial Seasonsings Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai Chai. I obviously drink coffee in the morning, but after my first cup I like to switch to herbal tea or plain water. This tea is a new obsession. I find that one tea bag is very strong, so I can add boiling water a couple times and get great flavor. I’ve been adding a splash of unsweetened soy milk and some stevia and it tastes like a treat.



Zero Calories and delicious, an unlikely couple, but this tea fits the bill. 

What I wore to work: Black Sleeveless Turtleneck, Jenni Button. Polka Dot Skirt, J.Crew. Black Tights, Spanx. Black Suede Pumps, J.Crew


I have to be honest in say that I was really nervous to wear this top to work. We have a comedian in our office and he had a 10 minute rant about sleeveless turtlenecks a couple weeks back on the basis that they were a ridiculous and unpractical item of clothing (How can you neck be cold when you are wearing a tank top?). Luckily, he seemed to let it slide.

For me, the weekend starts Friday and I had to have these afternoon treats. I am a big fan of the Vanilla and Chocolate macaroons at Cassis, but I had heard about Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent and it is within striking walking distance from my office. They didn’t have as much selection as I had anticipated, but I selected my favorites.


The vanilla and coconut were good, but the mocha was out of control delicious. I probably wouldn’t buy the other two flavors again, but I will be back for another mocha macaroon fix soon. This was a delicious and dangerous discovery.

Other macaroon news? Ladurée has opened in NYC! I have been to the famous pâtisserie in Paris and London, so I am excited to head uptown and check out the latest addition when I visit NYC in a couple weeks.

What product/recipe have you seen on a blog that has lived up to the hype?

Deb’s Chocolate Protein Muffin, Coconut oil, Mama Pea’s Dough balls, My Garmin Forerunner 405, Nike Tempo Shorts, and the cheese+jam combo from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers