Operation Get Faster, Day 7+8

Saturday I had my tennis lesson. Instead of having my coach come to the house, I opted to head to the club for a change of scenery.


Tennis is something I enjoy, but I don’t take too seriously. I would like to get better, but right now I am happy with my one hour weekly lesson.

After, I went home and showered and went to a braai for a family birthday party.

South African word of the day: Braai

My American Definition: Same as a barbeque with a heavy emphasis on lamb and sausage

*The more you know…

By early evening, I still had not ran, but in the end, I sucked it up and walked my sorry self across the yard to the gym.

Saturday’s workout called for a 35 min tempo run and I had very low standards. I was hungover and coming off a mid-day meltdown. The only reason I got near the treadmill was that I thought it may lift my spirits (hello endorphins!).

My original plan called for 5 min warm up, 35 min tempo, 5 min cool down. I walked for a couple mins, jogged super slow for a couple more and finally reached a decent pace with I held for 25 mins before calling it a wrap. 

Sunday I woke up with a new outlook on life and a whole new and improved attitude. Amazing what a night of solid sleep and positive thoughts and prayers can do. Not that anything miraculous happened, but I decided that I am responsible for my reality and unless I make changes, it’s going to remain as-is.

I was weirdly looking forward to this run. Stomach was still not 100% from being abused with alcohol on Friday, so I only had coffee pre-run. I charged my Garmin through the night and was all ready to set out on my 12 KM when it started to rain. Change of plans…

Back to the trusty treadmill, which I actually prefer enjoy, so no love lost on my run being rained out.


*How does a computer change a photo backwards?

I haven’t been running much more than 8-10km at a time lately, so I wanted to keep my 12 KM run fairly slow. I aimed for keeping the pace at about 5:45/Km or 9:15/Mile. The first half was okay, but the second half felt great. I got a second wind at about 45 minutes and let myself increase the speed every couple minutes. Entertainment was provided by FitRadio and E! True Hollywood Story, Rapper Wives Edition.

By the end, I actually was considering doing a couple more, but I decided I should get off while I was still enjoying it.


I forgot how sweaty you get when you run indoors for an hour plus. I was drenched.


If I wasn’t running a 10K next Saturday, I would love to do a 14-15 KM run. I forgot how much I enjoy longer runs. I need them back in the rotation. 

Weekend Workouts…More intense or less intense than the workweek?

I tend to do much longer and more creative workouts on the weekend (like tennis or hiking!). I have time to think about what I want to do and I have the time to experiment with new things. I also tent to eat out more on the weekends, so it’s nice to have a good sweat in the morning.