J.Crew Factory Store

I only know two things about Lynchburg. 1) It’s the hometown of my friend’s ex-boyfriend, and 2) it’s the home of J.Crew.  Only one of those things means anything to my life.

When we stopped there en route to Charlottesville, I mentioned that we should stop and see if there was an outlet or factory store. My husband suggested that I look up directions and we stop on the way back.

Clearly, I made a point of looking it up as soon as we got to the hotel. I found THIS BLOG POST and decided it was a must-do. The last couple times I have been to the J.Crew outlets, I have been very disappointed, so this seemed like a better option. The clothes at the J.Crew factory store are returns and slightly irregular. I know that women are BIG returners (myself included) so I figured there would be quite a good selection.

I plugged in the address to my iPhone: 25 Millrace Drive, and arrived at an industrial park that included the star of the show…

The store doesn’t look like much until you start to browse the racks. I could not believe the amount of stunning cashmere sweaters. Cashmere is expensive and rarely goes on sale, so this was a real treat. 

The store was well organized by size, but there was rarely two of the same item. I had to really look through the racks to find stuff, but considering the price and selection, it was worth it.

So, did I end of getting anything? Of course. It was too good to pass up. 

1) Crochet lace-front tee in a dusty rose color.

Regular Price. $59.50
Factory Price. $20.00
w/ 15% student discount. $17.00
Total Savings: 71% off

2. Black Cashmere Tee

Regular Price. $128.00
Factory Price. $40.00
w/ 15% student discount. $34.00
Total Savings: 73% off

3. Blue Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

Regular Price. $168.00
Factory Price. $56.00
w/ 15% student discount. $
Total Savings: 67% off

 4) Bright Yellow Vintage Cotton V-neck Tee
      *I plan on wearing this over a tank top for running. Perfect lightweight material and a safety color!

Regular Price. $34.50
Factory Price. $10.00
w/ 15% student discount. $8.50
Total Savings: 75% off

5) Black Double-cloth metro coat with Thinsulate
* an off-season purchase, but it’s a classic and I will definitely get good use out of it.

Regular Price. $318.00
Factory Price. $50.00
w/ 15% student discount. $42.50
Total Savings: 86% off (!!!)

The prices were pretty incredible. I got all these goodies for $165.00! It’s going to make it difficult to buy J.Crew full price again. The reason I’m sharing is so that I can spread the word about this gem in Lynchburg. If you are ANYWHERE near the area, I highly recommend you head over there. The men’s selection was not great, but the women’s department had shoes, jewelry, and purses. They also have a store a couple miles away that has Madewell and CrewCuts (J.Crew children’s line). 

Favorite place to score a bargain? I have purchased a couple things on ebay and I love Nordstroms Rack. 

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10321795284708416331 Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri

    Holy crap those are excellent deals! That jacket! *swoon*

  • http://www.healthydivaeats.com/ katie

    I love love love your blog!!!! I just watched your wedding video and it made me tear up! You were such a beautiful bride and your wedding was SO amazing! How beautiful! Every single thing about it!

    Have a great weekend girl!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18182963929653088653 Miss Magnolia

    Oh my goodness…I might make a road trip just to visit this store!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09410251875957537812 Elizabeth James

    What amazing deals. I think I probably need to go Lynchburg just for this reason. and I spy some pretty nail polish!!! :)

  • http://my-wishfulthinking.blogspot.com/ Meghan @ Wishful Thinking

    Wow! You got some incredible bargains! I feel like I need to jump on a plane and go shopping here! The coat is so beautiful!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04365060181049210377 Taryn

    WOW!! What great deals!!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09283351038558059661 Katie

    I love that place! My boyfriend works like 5 minutes away from it! I always make him pop in and buy me shoes haha

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