Running Gear: Etcetera

In case you missed the first two editions, here is what I covered thus far:
I really didn’t know how to classify this post. Alternative titles for the post were “once in a while”, “extended running”, “Convenience Items” and “Helpers”….
Hydration: Camelbak. It doesn’t leak, it is easy to clean, it’s very durable, and light weight. Not only is carrying a water bottle good for the environment, but it is a major money saver. I always bring my Camelbak when I travel. Most hotels offer filtered water in the fitness center, so I take advantage. I rarely carry water when I run outdoors, but I keep a water bottle on the treadmill with me. I have a couple bottles with wide openings that require you to sip. Sipping while running almost always leads to a spill, so I prefer water bottles that have straws or a sports cap. 

This bottle is always on the right hand side of my treadmill when I set up for a workout. Since the bottle holds approximately 24 oz, I know that a full bottle should hydrate me for most workouts using a general rule of thumb: 4-6 oz of fluid for each 20 mins of running. 
Carry-All: SpiBelt. I originally saw this product on Skinnyrunner’s blog and ordered one. I don’t wear it all the time, but when I need to bring a couple things, it’s perfect. The claims are true…it expands and doesn’t bounce while you run. I would highly recommend this for a someone running their first half marathon. I wore it for mine and packed my camera, a GU, and some tissues. It’s also great for larger races when you may need a phone to catch up with your family at the finish line. When given the choice, I would prefer to leave my phone at home, but I know this is not safe. Having the SpiBelt makes it easy to pack my phone and not think about it. Another thing I use it for? Weekend runs by the beach when I pack my credit card or a couple bucks for water or coffee.
Skincare: I use the Mission sting-free, sweat-proof sunscreen whenever I run outdoors, hike, or play tennis. I am pretty diligent about wearing sunscreen on my face, shoulders, and chest when I run and I love that this is a lightweight spray that doesn’t irritate my skin. Originally, I ordered a sampler pack of Mission products (I looked and they don’t offer the exact package anymore), so I received a little bit of everything. All the products were great, but I will definitely be purchasing the SPF 30 sunscreen again.

Other stand outs? The foot cream! I never used a foot cream before, but this one smells divine and is the perfect treat matched with a mini foot rub right before bed.

Fuel: If I’m running for 75 mins+, I try to have some sort of fuel. I never knew about eating while running, but after reading blogs, I figured it was something I should partake in once I increased my mileage. There are quite mixed reviews about brands and flavors of gels, so I ordered the Sampler Pack from GU to try and see what I liked. With the gels, I ended up only liking one flavor: Espresso Love. Chocolate Outrage is good as well, but the other flavors were not my thing. I also like the Strawberry Chomps since they taste like giant fruit snacks. My suggestion is get the sampler and see what speaks to you and works best with your stomach. I’m sure lots of things will get the job done, but if I’m going to be running for 75 mins (or more), I would like something that tastes good and mimics candy thankyouverymuch.

Recovery: Compression Socks. I don’t stretch or foam roll nearly as much as I should, but I have no problem rocking these super stylish socks. I probably love compression socks more than I should. I honestly love the feeling of wearing them. Everything just feels so tight and snug and comfortable. They are said to help with recovery and soreness and I am a believer. Here are some links that explain the science behind wearing compression socks {HERE, HERE, HERE}. I rarely wear them while running, but I love to wear them post running.

Living abroad, I tend to fly a lot of long-haul flights. Flying for 8-16 hours can be brutal, so I have  also began to wear my running compression socks when flying. It is supposed to be healthy and I will use any excuse to wear them. 
I have a couple of specific running pairs, but my favorites are the plain flesh colored ones I got from the medical supply store. They are thin, but super tight and comfortable. Did I mention they are really attractive? 

Favorite gel flavor? Other fuel options?

Have you tried compression socks? Thoughts? 

  • Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal

    LOVE my compression socks! I just wore them on my flight to Hawaii also, and although they did not look so great with my ballet flats, they definitely helped keep the blood flowing on that long-ass flight!

  • Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri

    I love the Blackberry Gu, and the Chocolate Outrage. Mmmmmm.

    I have compression socks. I don’t know if they work, but I wear them sometimes. Yeah.

  • d2e3a1da-37da-11e1-9017-000bcdcb8a73

    Love my Spibelt. Ordered it off of I think Gina over at Fitnessista’s Open Sky. Mine is colorful polka dots. Im like if I am gonna look like a nerd with a fanny pack, I’m owning it! ;)