Been There, Tried That

I see a lot of stuff online and in magazines that sparks my interest. Hearing about thing repeatedly only multiplies that curiosity. Some things live up to the hype, others are a bit ‘eh’. Everybody’s tastes are different and that’s the beauty of individuality. 
Below is a list of things I have recently tried as well as my two cents:

1. Seaweed Snacks. I love these. They texture and mouth feel is a bit different, but they are a great alternative to chips if you are craving salty/crunchy. I love the wasabi flavored ones that have a kick. Great snack, but not very filling. 
2. Kabocha Squash. A bit of a let down. There is some flavor in there that I cannot get over. I had this mixed in a vegetable curry in Thailand and loved it, but when I roasted it at home, I was not a fan. I also tried panko crusting it and baking it. It was okay, but nothing amazing. Tips, tricks, recipes? I am not opposed to trying it again, but it wasn’t the stunner I was expecting. Give me butternut or spaghetti squash any day. 

3. Piedras de Chocolate. Translated to English…’Chocolate Stones’. My husband found these at Whole Foods when he was living in NYC and kept asking me to pick some up when I went marketing. He described them as ‘chocolate almonds in the bulk food section’. Each time I went to the store I thought I found them and he continually said I had purchased the wrong ones. We have various bags of chocolate almonds in our cupboard from this exercise. Finally, he went and scouted out Whole Foods and found what he was looking for.  They were in the bakery section and they are worth all the hype he has been making. They are roasted almonds, dipped in chocolate and then dusted with cocoa powder. They are really crunchy and unlike any of the other ‘cocoa dusted’ almonds I have had before. 100% amazing. They are expensive, but worth the splurge. 

4. Flex-Tastic Toe Stretchers. I really like Timothy Ferris, probably more than most of his fans. I loved The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body was highly entertaining. The 4-Hour Body has so wild suggestions (like ice cold showers) but it also has some suggestions that I took to heart. One thing Ferris recommends is toe-stretchers. When I saw these at Target, I had to get them. 
They are a bit of a mission to get on, but they feel pretty good. God knows I trash my feet with fabulous shoes and high heels, so I utilize these with hopes of restoring some of the pain and suffering. 

 5. Coconut Flavored La Croix. I love carbonated beverages, but was hesitate to purchase this flavor because I couldn’t get my head wrapped around the flavor. I thought I loved all things coconut, but coconut water changed my mind. Coconut water is not for me. I finally took the plunge and got the 8-pack. Luckily, I loved this. This is a weird description, but it tastes like sunscreen, in a good way of course. I added some fresh squeezed lime juice and ended up with a perfect mocktail. Plain or mixed with a splash of juice, this is delicious.

6. Starbucks Skinny Salted Carmel Mocha. This girl has been hyping this like crazy. On a cold Carolina afternoon, I took a detour from errands and headed to Starbucks. Curiosity really got the best of me and I hadn’t been to Starbucks in months. This was good, but I was surprised that they used the Toffee Nut syrup. I thought they made it incorrectly and went home and googled it. I didn’t get the whipped cream with the carmel, salt, and sugar, but I expected it to have a bit more salty caramel flavor. I admit, it was good, but just very different than what I expected. 

7. Artic Zero. I have seen this on various blogs and 150 calories per pint is a pretty solid effort. I saw it at Whole Foods and had to see for myself. I liked the texture a lot, but it is not a great substitute for ice cream or frozen yogurt. It doesn’t taste indulgent, so there is no trickery. Maybe I will try another flavor sometime, but no rush. 
8. Gimme Lean Ground Sausage. I picked this up at Trader Joe’s and thought it would be a great addition to breakfast. I first made patties and served it to my husband as a trial. He took a bite and immediately asked, “what kind of sausage IS this?” I took a bite and realized it was pretty obvious this is NOT sausage. We both really like the Morningstar vegetarian sausage patties, so I expected this to be similar. Unfortunately, there are some spices and flavors that just don’t sit well with me. 
I thought it would be okay in a scramble with eggs, tomatoes, and onions, but the flavors of the veggie sausage were still there. I also didn’t like how sticky it was when I tried to make patties. I tried to make it work, but it wasn’t in the cards. 

What have you read about that you are dying to try? I still want to try Daiya Vegan cheese and some of the protein powders I see others use. Although I hate the regular coconut waters, I am still weirdly intrigued by the flavored ones. Suggestions? 


    I love coconut flavored ANYTHING and sunscreen. That LaCroix sounds right up my alley…

    As far as vegan cheese, I’m good.

  • Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal

    I’m fascinated with these toe things….do they stretch your feet? Feel good?!

  • Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri

    I have similar toe things, I just never remember to wear them.

  • Miss Magnolia

    I have been trying to find coconut milk ice cream. I know SoDelicious makes one, but no grocery stores near me carry it!

  • Christina

    Love lists like these! I applaud you for being able to stomach the seaweed. I tried and just cannot do it. Those Piedras de Chocolate sound awesome. Good chocolate is always worth the splurge. The coconut water is just nasty. I couldn’t drink it either. I will have to check out the skinny salted caramel. They do skinny peppermint now!! So good.

  • Sierra

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  • Sierra

    Heather…I like them, it feels like a mini stretch. It can get a bit uncomfortable after a while. I tried to sleep in them and it didn’t work.

    Christina…one gal’s seaweed is another gal’s beets. Pick your poison. Also, go get these almonds. Cannot stop eating them. We played cards for hours and devoured them.

  • Caitlin

    I keep seeing brussel sprouts on blogs and I don’t think I have ever tried them.

  • Dana

    You should definitely try Daiya… its great on eggs. I really want to find the coconut La Croix, and the chocolate almonds, yum!!

  • Jen

    i love this post! i tried seaweed snacks a few weeks ago but hated them! :)

    i am dying to try that coconut la croix. sounds good. recently i’ve tried coach’s oats and adora disks – love the oats and the disks are so so.