Recent Eats

After a marathon week of eating out last week, I was eager to get in the kitchen and start cooking, prepping meals, and eating whole, delicious foods. MissionAccomplished.
I mentioned that it’s been beautiful weather, but despite the heat, I still randomly crave oat bran for breakfast about once a week. I had a couple packets of almond butter left over from our trip to the states. This Justin’s Maple Almond Butter is delicious. It’s probably a good that I don’t have a whole jar. 
I typically freeze my own strawberries, but it’s also great to have this frozen berry medley from Woolworths in my freezer. 

These make some pretty delicious Protein Packed Smoothies

Another great Woolworths find? The specialty tomatoes! I got these ‘bella’ tomatoes earlier this week, and grabbed some Mediterranean on the vine tomatoes the other day. They are incredible sweet and perfectly ripe and I have been adding them to everything.

They have been the star of my lunches! I love the combination of tomato and feta or ricotta. 
Now that my stomach is finally feeling better, I have been back to an old favorite. Nespresso!

And, a mid-day macchiato…just to make up for lost time.

My newest addiction is Mama Pea’s Nutty Cauliflower. I have made this twice this week using tahini and ate both batches. All by myself. Two full bags of cauliflower. Gone. 

This stuff is awesome (and Vegan!). Steamed cauliflower doesn’t appeal to me, but once it’s roasted, it gets a wonderful nutty taste. This combo, with the addition of spice and a bit of sweetness (I used NuNaturals NoCarbs Stevia) is unbelievable. I plan on getting more cauliflower tomorrow because I’m clearly a fan…

Do you look forward to eating in after too many restaurant meals? Yes. I cannot eat meal after meal in a restaurant. I need to have a couple things that I cook and prepare throughout the week. 

  • Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner

    I definitely start to crave homemade meals after too many days of eating out! To answer your question from a few days ago (I couldn’t respond to your comment) – my family isn’t originally from SA but they moved there before I was born and lived there for 5 years. In Somerset West!

  • Caitlin C.

    Mmmm this post is making me hungry!! I want that smoothie.. and I’ve never seen roasted cauliflower, but it looks amazing!

  • Jen

    After seeing it on your blog (and Mama Pea’s!), I made that cauliflower tonight. INSANELY delicious. Thanks for the recommendation!