I believe that things come into your life when you are ready. Call it weird, call it crazy, but it’s my philosophy. Before moving to Chicago, I had not done spinning in a while. I had a major affair with it in college, but when I moved to Cape Town, I only did it a couple times for my group exercise instructor internship.

The other week I was at a birthday party downing pink bubbly and chit chatting with the girls when my blog was mentioned and one girl suggested I try FLYWHEEL. She actually invited me the following morning, but I didn’t really think much of it, and filed it in the back of my mind. Then something else happened. Sunday afternoon I was at a Blogger Book Club at Kelsey’s house and again…FLYWHEEL was brought up. Lindsay and Christina had been to a Lady Foot Locker event and tried FLYWHEEL  for the first time and were raving about the workout.

Two times FLYWHEEL had been mentioned! I had to check it out. Clearly, the world was telling to go check out this magical cycle studio.

So…I went on their website and booked. The first class is free, so there was nothing stopping me.

This morning I walked over there to see what all the hype was about. I had a 9:30 appointment for a class with Michael, so I checked in at the front desk and announced I was new. That announcement of my inexperience was important in case something embarrassing happened.

Then they gave me shoes. Real cycle shoes that clipped into the bikes and made a clinking sound when I walked on solid surfaces. Clipping in on road bikes scares me, but for a stationary bike, I’m game. The shoes were surprisingly very clean, had no smell, and were comfy. I grabbed a towel (also provided) and saddled up on my assigned bike.

I guess this is where is started to get awesome. The studio featured 3 tiers of bikes, two big screens,  and had a dark, cool vibe. The instructor immediately started chatting and engaging the class, and soon enough, the music was blaring, the lights were turned low, and we were off. 

I feel like spinning is usually pretty easy to “cheat on”. You are in charge of how hard you work, so it’s easy to slack off or convince yourself you are working hard. FLYWHEEL is different. There are measurable stats and the instructor used them to gauge the workload of each song. 

See that little blue knob on the bike above? That measures the resistance, but it isn’t just a subjective measure of how hard you are working like I was used to. The resistance of that knob shows up on a little monitor on the bike called Torq (See image below). The other important measure is the RPM or “rotations per minute” which is essentially the speed.


That little screen was a great motivator and ensured that I was working to an appropriate and challenging level. I love measurable results (like wearing a Garmin when running), so this was awesome.

Besides all the techy stuff on the bikes, the class had incredible energy. I loved the instructor, his music was rocking, and his verbal cues and motivational tidbits were awesome to push me through the challenging workout. You even get some light strength training in with the addition of basic movements performed with weighted bars.

The icing on the cake is a little summary of your workout that you can log in and see on their website.  Nothing like some stats to keep yourself accountable and see your progress.

*The only thing I am not sold on is that Total Calories Burned. This calculation is based on a rider that is 145-165 lbs. My weight is below that range, so I burned significantly less calories than 951 (I wish!). I am very interested in how much I did burn, so I will try to remember to wear my Garmin with the heart rate monitor to my next class. 

I feel bad calling this a spinning or cycling class because it is SO MUCH MORE. It is an experience!

At the moment, I am gymless, but this is a great option I will be considering. I also think this great cross-training for those fast-twitch muscles if I ever think about training for a half PR.

What are you waiting for? Go try a class (for FREE!) and tell me what you think.

Have you ever tried spinning?

Do you find stats of a workout motivating or distracting? Motivating for sure. I am a little bit competitive with myself and I love to monitor my progress. Improving is a huge motivator for me to keep working hard. 

  • Dana

    I love spinning but I’ve never done it in a special studio, just at the gym. This looks like such a great class!

  • Lindsay

    I’m glad you tried flywheel and liked it!! I love the vibe of the studio, it’s kind of intense but classy at the same time.

  • liverunlaughyoga

    Wahoo! You tried flywheel! I am glad you liked it. I want to go back to another flywheel class when I move back in the city this weekend. We should all do a flywheel class together sometime.

  • Kaolee

    I love spinning, but I just quit my gym membership (because I wasn’t going). Spinning is such a good workout though. Makes me miss it!


    That sounds like the kind of spin class dreams are made of… you know, if you dream of spin classes.

    Which I think you might.

  • Erin

    Okay, I really need to try this class now! And the first one is free??? Totally going soon.

  • kelsey

    I really want to try this, I’m a little scared though! Will you come with me and hold my hand during?

  • Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal

    I love spin class and cycling, so this sounds right up my alley. I like the idea of the stats so you can gauge your effort! PS Sending you an email about how readers can donate :)

  • findingblissforme

    I simply need to try a class!!! Totally looking at the schedule and I’m thinking Saturday, Sept. 9…

  • accidentalintentions

    I’ve never been to a spinning class, but this sounds really tempting, especially if the first class is free! I’m a total stats nerd when it comes to these things, so I love that they tell you all that info about your ride.