Bachelorette Party Games

In a couple weeks, one of my best friends is getting married. That calls for a celebration….and a seriously good one.

This past weekend’s festivities were held at Laguna Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. We had 7 girls congregate in the OC for a fun-filled weekend. I feel like the choices for bachelorette parties are cheesy or dirty. We didn’t want either, so we did our own thing. No penis shaped party goods, no fake veils, and no strippers. With the resort being directly on the water, we went with a beach theme. We also planned a couple little games for the weekend.

The first one was Scattegories. This is nothing mind-blowing, but we really liked it.  I saw some examples online which used the bride’s name, but since our bride has an “X” in her name, we opted for “L-O-V-E” for the featured letters and used this template that we found online.
I didn’t make this, but I don’t know exactly on the internet it was sourced. 
We also added some drinking rules…all non-original answers warranted a sip of your drink. Nothing crazy, but it was a nice activity to do together while drinking and having girl talk.  We didn’t have an official game timer, but the stopwatch function on the iPhone worked perfected and I allotted 3 minutes for each round.
The other game we made up was Bachelorette Jeopardy.  I made a spreadsheet of categories and we brainstormed questions. If I had more time or maybe was a bit more tech-savvy, I would of made a powerpoint presentation or something, but I kept it real with poster board, a chisel tip sharpie, envelopes, and index cards.

I made up categories and a couple of us girls came up with the questions. Once we had them all together, we emailed the groom and got the correct answers. 
Some of the questions were a little personal and we couldn’t ask the groom. For those questions, we just asked the bride to be and waited for her answer. Depending on what she said and how confident she was, we bluffed and said she was wrong….made her drink. 

You can use this as a guide and add in the bride and groom’s name and adjust the questions accordingly. 

The way we played the game was simple. We all sat around with adult beverages and took turns asking the bride to be questions. She selected the category and wager and each of us took turns being Alex Trebek. If she got the question right…the person playing Alex Trebek would drink. If she got the question wrong, she drank.

I made up the drinking rules…

Boozy fish are just vodka soaked gummy fish from Pinterest. Soak a bag of gummy candy in vodka for a couple days and you will get boozy candy.

‘Punishment of Choice from Alex Trebek’ is just wager between the question asker and the bride to be. It can be anything…just remember that there is a chance that either party may have to partake.

One of the funniest part of this game was my girl Marci on the couch who was playing DJ and sound effects. She ended up getting some of the Jeopardy music and some sound effects from Price as Right and it was hysterical. I highly recommend adding sound to this game. 

Boozy fish were a hit!

So that was our party games for the weekend…

I’m so obsessed with my friends at the moment….I have been back for one day and I miss them so much it hurts. Counting down the days until the wedding.

Have you played games at a bachelorette party? 

Would you know the answers to those questions about your spouse? Some of those were pretty tough…the idea is to get the bride a little lush. 

  • Emina

    I feel the same way every time I have to part with a friend. I think the main rwason is, that being somewhere new you miss your friends for all the little things: lunch-hoour/coffee break, drink after work, someone to run with etc. I see my friends when they visit me or I visit them, but it is different now, since you have only a weekend, but not someone for your everyday life.
    Maybe this is the crux aof our generation – always on the move.

  • kilax

    I love these ideas! I might have to steal them for my sister’s party, if she wants to have one!

    Isn’t it hard leaving friends?! Sigh! Yours sound so fun!

  • aerin murphy

    This past weekend was a blast! I’m so happy to have seen you two weekends in a row, and will see you in two weeks again! One minor detail in the post though…. there definitely WAS one fake veil!

  • Caitlin C.

    Boozy fish?? These seriously sound amazing. These are all awesome ideas.. What a classy and fun bachelorette party! :)

  • Bryn

    thanks for the ideas! think we might try the drinking jeopardy :)


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  • Anonymous

    How dd you make the boozy fish?

  • deena

    i really want to download the template of questions you used for the jeopardy game but for some reason i cant … is there any other way i can get it???
    thank yoU!!

  • Sierra

    Can you email me at ? I will send it to you.

  • Kate

    Great idea! I want to try doing this for my best friend but the link to the question template doesn’t work. Can you send me the template? Thanks!

  • Sierra

    Hey Kate, email me at poshmeetspavement(at)

  • Hill

    I loved these ideas but struggling to find a template. Is there any way you could send me the scattegories template? Thanks so much!

  • Aladdin Sane

    I love the scattegories idea. It’s so freaking cute. You know, you could have done something like bridal bingo, which is obviously a classic, but you can personalize it if you need to, like from here:

  • Steve Jon

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  • Becca Hawkins

    Love this for my sister’s bachelorette party, but about how long did the entirety of the game take? We are kind of crunched for game time since we have new mothers in the party! Thanks!

  • Sierra

    It takes about an hour? Depends on how much giggling and chatting you do as you get lush! Try half the questions!

  • Skyler Dane

    How fun! I always love Bachelorette party games, but I am never creative enough to think of any. I always use Bachelorette Party Ideas to come up with fun ideas to throw a memorable party. I am actually just putting the finishing touches on my girlfriends party for next week-wish me luck! :)

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  • Hannah

    Love it! Thanks for posting!!! Cant wait to play next weekend!

  • Laweezy

    This was a great inspiration for the “Bacheloreopary” game I made for the Bachelorette party I hosted. Thanks for sharing!! Check out my version here ->