3 Weeks Sounds Good

Tuesday was the start of our little vegetarian trial
As I mentioned, it WAS NOT my idea. I love adopting healthy habits, and this is a suggestion that I am 100% on board with, but I don’t want to force my agenda on my husband. He has never had any interest in this before, so I was really curious about his motivation. 
His response: “Watch this YouTube video” 

We are big TED fans over here, so Matt Cutts and his 30-day challenges were an inspiration. The next question I had was how he chose vegetarianism as the healthy lifestyle change. There are plenty of dietary challenges I would of adopted before cutting out meat (coffee, sugar, paleo, alcohol), but he chose a plant-based diet. Why? 
“I just want to try to do something healthy for my body and feel good” 
I know my husband pretty well, and I’m fairly sure I know what his thought process…. 
-I think that he is feeling really drained from the workload of the MBA and wants to try to pep up his energy levels by eating more whole foods and less crap. 
-I think that a lot of the unhealthy foods that he loves are meat-centric (pepperoni pizza, cheeseburgers, bacon), so cutting out meat will make those inaccessible. 
-He knows that eating more fruits and veggies has a positive impact on how he feels, and eating vegetarian will increase his intake of those food groups by default. 
His initial plan was a month, but I told him that wasn’t going to work with November…Hello? Thanksgiving? Apparently my foreign husband forgot how important that day is to his American wife. 
He then suggested we do it until Thanksgiving….and I agreed… until I remembered something important:
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We have a reservation at Girl & The Goat a couple days before Thanksgiving. I have heard SO MANY great things about this place and I don’t really want to have dietary restrictions when I go. I prefer to go and eat anything and everything that sounds delicious and amazing. This is hot Chicago restaurant, and reservations are not easy to come by, so re-booking would probably be at least another 3 weeks. 
He agreed. This means it will be 3 weeks instead of 30 days, and the streak of vegetarian eating will be broken with a fabulous meal at  Girl & The Goat
Until then, I am doing the best I can to make food that is delicious, healthy, and filling (his major concern). 

Today was his first veggie burger and I think it was a success. Baby steps my friends…

What would you like to give up for 30 days? sugar, coffee, alcohol, bad language. I wouldn’t do all three at once.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15496382935717734293 Katie

    I love that video, especially when he says the next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not so you might as well do something with it. And if I had to cut something out for 30 days it would be added sugar. That just sounds awful though… Hmm maybe until Thanksgiving?

  • http://looplooks.wordpress.com/ Erin @ Loop Looks

    I applaud your husband for suggesting this! I could definitely cut out meat for 30 days but my husband is so anti-vegetarian it’s not even funny.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14732023163600585947 Jordan

    Have you been to this website – http://www.paleoplan.com/recipes/ – Many of the recipes are vegetarian and every single one I have tried is delicious. I made my boyfriend the almond flour pancakes and he, a self-proclaimed breakfast freak, said he loved them. Your husband may enjoy a paleo pizza with veggie toppings to fill him up :)

  • http://www.wearing-pearls.com/ Dana

    I wish I could convince my bf to go vegetarian for 30 days… he is getting better about meat consumption though so I really cant complain! Have fun!

  • Anonymous

    You really don’t need to eat meat on Thanksgiving. I’m not a vegetarian but many in my family are. We cook a huge variety of delicious, seasonal foods on T-day. Seriously, no one misses the bird!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13566183193529841461 Meghan

    Oh my gosh, you will LOVE The Goat:) It is, hands down, one of my top 5 places in Chicago. And I love this idea – my husband and I did something similar last summer, and we had so much more energy. Good luck!