Big Carts = Big Trouble

This week I had to do some work in the suburbs, which meant I had a ZipCar for the day. I usually try to do some errands when I have a car, so I hit up Costco and Home Depot. It’s an exciting life I lead. 
I went for 2 items: printer paper and laundry detergent. I left with a whole cart of random. 
My loot: 

-An electric kettle for my inner European. I couldn’t deny the $19.99 price tag
-HUGE veggie marinara
-Organic baby greens (I have been eating salad non-stop and I cannot make a dent in the tub)
-Printer Paper
-Fage 0% (Apparently a family size is a perfect size for our me)
-6-pack of black beans
-OxyClean (NOT laundry detergent)
-Movie tickets (we went to a movie this week and I forgot them)

My advice is NOT to go down every aisle. Just make a direct line for your items. I was unsupervised and I may have had some impulse purchases, but it was A LOT better than my husband going to Costco unattended.
Exhibit A…
Usually, I just do small grocery runs throughout the week. A good strategy for editing your grocery spend is knowing you are going to have to carry it home. 
Here’s a look into some typical grocery haul from my favorite, Trader Joe’s. 

-TJ’s Protein Bread (we keep a loaf in the freezer)
-Organic Chicken  (this was pre-vegetarian)
-Kerrygold butter -the best
-Egg whites
-Light Sour Cream -This has become a staple
-mini bell peppers -I hate the green ones and love mini things, so this is a dream
-honeycrisp apple-so expensive
-Pumpkin pie spice – add to anything for instant holiday flavor

-Raisin Rosemary Crisps
-Bananas -gross, not for me
-High Fiber Cereal- being camera shy
-Soy Marinade
-Organic Chicken breasts
-Cilantro Jalapeno hummus
-Goat Cheese
-Light Feta Cheese – I now only buy the real thing
-Bag of lettuce- being camera shy  

I also order some health food products online. This works for me because I don’t waste my time walking around the city in search of specific items, and it’s easy to find the most competitive prices.


-Bob’s Red Mill Coconut Flour- I love coconut flour, especially in pancakes-Barney’s Almond Butter- I love a scoop in my morning oat bran-Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup- had to taste this-PB2- AMAZING!
-Jump Rope- great for travel workouts
-Mrs. Meyer’s Soy Candle- I cannot get enough of this lavender scent

Where do you do your grocery shopping? Trader Joe’s, Target, and Mariano’s for my weekly stuff. Every couple of weeks, I go to Costco and Whole Foods. 

Which Costco items do you think offer the most savings? I think the movie tickets are major value. Going to the movies here is $11.50 Each!!!! 

  • Christina

    Big carts = big trouble and big purses = big trouble. I act like I can carry my LIFE with me everywhere. My roommate has a costco card and before he moved in he went NUTS. We won’t need dishwasher detergent, soap, shampoo, or black bean burgers (random list, I know) for like EVER. It’s great. I need to go with him next time and get more food. Oh, I so agree about feta cheese. FF feta has no tang!

  • Katie @ Livehalffull

    I have to stick to my grocery list or else I overspend WAY too much!!! We always shop at Mariano’s weekly. Once a month I hit up TJ’s for some speciality stuff. I’m not a huge Whole Foods shopper anymore-I spend way too much!!!

  • Sierra

    I’m all about a big purse, I think it makes my body look smaller. Anything helps

  • Sierra

    I am really impressed with Mariano’s prices and produce. The selection is awesome!

  • Wewilder

    Who won your Christmas Card contest?

  • Christina

    I am not trusted when I go into Costco. Its so bad. Haha. I like going to trader joes and target for groceries. I really do not like Jewel or Dominick’s. I sometimes go to whole foods to get my protein powder for smoothies and gluten free baking or cooking. That cilantro halepeno hummus sounds amazing! I love spicy foods.

  • Sierra

    I have narrowed it down to a handful and now we are seeing which ones we can make a reality! I will be sure to announce it once it’s complete

  • Irina @ Chocolatea Time

    Costco is one of the most dangerous places to shop at…next thing you know you’re sitting at home with crates of fruits, tubs of spinach, piles of books, and random kitchen gadgets. Whole Foods is the same, but on a smaller scale :)

  • Maggie

    I went to Target the other day (I don’t even remember what for) and somehow spent $50 on socks and underwear. Luckily we don’t have a Costco membership (yet) because we live with my parents and thankfully my mom is willing to do all the grocery shopping. But I’ve heard Costco’s athletic clothing is really similar to Lululemon, so I’m tempted to make one of my friends take me there.