KLUTCHclub Boxes for the Win

Look what I got!
After a couple weeks of busted headphones, I finally got hooked up with some amazing Yurbuds. I had these a couple years ago and loved them, but I lost them. 
That claim about “never falling out” is legit. I also think the sound quality is incredible and I’m able to turn the volume way down on my phone. The combination of these headphone, FitRadio, and Netflix is the only way I am able to put in mileage on the treadmill this winter. 
BUT… it gets better. Not only did I get these fabulous headphones, but I also got them for less than the retail price. Want to know how? 
KLUTCHclub. I know there are a lot of monthly subscription boxes of samples floating around, but this is my favorite since it is all about health and fitness. Those yurbuds were included in my October Box which retails for $16-$18. How is that for a deal?

Each KLUTCHclub box has products and samples curated for a specific theme. November’s box is all about energy.

  • I was most excited about the dry shampoo since it has changed my life for the better. I go through a bottle of Psssssst! every month or so, and the travel size is perfect. 
  • I am also curious to try the Amino Vital Endurance mixture on a long run. All the water fountains along the Lakefront Trail have been turned off, so I need to start carrying hydration. 
  • I think the Acacia fitness DVD is a sign that I need to start strength training. I have been putting it off for weeks, but I know I need to find a routine that doesn’t require a gym membership. 
The KLUTCHclub box is packed to the brim with over $50 worth of products, and it’s a great way to try some new stuff at an affordable price. The box is previewed on the website in advance, so you are welcome to take look and see if the products of the month are something you have been wanting to try. Sometimes there is a product in the box that has a retail value that makes it too good to pass up (yurbuds for the win) so it’s worth scoping out each month. 
Where was this box when I was in college? Seriously. I would loved getting a box full of health and fitness goodies at my dorm each month.  

Do you have special headphones for working out? Which ones are your favorite?

Did you get care packages when you were in college? What item did you most look forward to? I used to love getting magazine subscriptions in college and my Mom would also send me my favorite Trader Joe’s goodies (this was before Chapel Hill had a Trader Joe’s). 

Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? What’s your favorite item you’ve received? 

Full disclosure: I received this box free from KLUTCHclub, but the review and opinions are honest and all my own.  Links for KLUTCHclub in this post are referral links, and I will get partial compensation for sales.  

  • Emily

    I hate my headphones! No kidding!! It’s like you read my mind! On my todo list I have “google headphones for running”! Thanks for the head start!

  • kelsey

    I want I want!

  • Lindsay

    Oh that box looks awesome and it’s priced so reasonably!

  • http://accidentalintentions.wordpress.com/ Bethany

    Care packages were my FAVORITE in college. My church sent out two per year to all of us college students, and they went all out. I’d always have way, way more food than I could possibly handle, so a lot of it usually got handed off to my roommates. Unfortunately now my church thinks I’m a grown-up so I don’t get homemade cookies at Halloween and Valentine’s Day anymore :( BOO.

  • Sprint2theTable

    I love those Hemp Hearts! I get the Bulu Box now and really like it as a means to try new products.

  • http://looplooks.net/ Erin @ Loop Looks

    I use the Bose in-ear headphones and have for years. I’m on my third pair! But they are super pricey so when these break I’ll definitely look into the yurbuds.

  • http://foodfaithfitness.blogspot.com/ Leonor

    I love that box idea! It’s reasonable too!

  • http://themidwestmaven.wordpress.com/ Jorie @ The Midwest Maven

    That goodies box looks amazing. It’s like getting your own little container of swag in the mail.

    And I used to love getting goodies from my mom (and let’s face it, my roommates’ moms). One of my friends’ mom’s would bake all of us our own loaf of pumpkin bread. Heaven!

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    Everyone loves swag

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    That’s what I thought when I looked at the pricing. This is a bargain

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    How do you use the Hemp Hearts? I saw that Bulu had the first box free. Are you happy with it?

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    you would

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    I promise these are amazing

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    It’s nice because you see what’s in it and you can decide if you want it that month. I imagine that would be great for someone like you that is allergic to everything.

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    I was clearly going to the wrong church.

  • Sprint2theTable

    I just sprinkle them on things – shakes, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. I do like Bulu. I got my first on for free but am now a paying subscriber.

  • http://www.littlegirlinthebigworld.com/ meghan

    I got the November box and love the shampoo. I wish I’d gotten October for the yurbuds. Have you tried them yet? Are they amazing? I’ve heard good things.

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    Dry shampoo is my jam. I love how fresh this one smells and it distributes evenly.