November Intentions

Where did October go? Seriously. This means I’ve been in Chicago for 3 months. Time flies when your having fun. 
I didn’t forget about the Christmas Card Contest. I have all the submissions and I will be sitting down with my other half this weekend, narrowing it down, and organizing the logistics. 
I found this hairstyle on Pinterest, it’s called ‘scarf tied in a knot’
You can bet your bottom dollar that you will be seeing these two images of awesomeness on a fridge or mantel, and the photo will scream CHICAGO! 
Back to November. I need some motivation to do some things this month, so I figured I would post them and have the imaginary peer pressure of my internet friends to hold me accountable. That makes sense, right?
Here are my intentions for November: 
1. Write down recipes!!!!!! I am the queen of cooking “by taste” and “throwing things together”. Sometimes it’s fabulous, sometimes it’s okay, but it can never be repeated until I commit it to paper. 
I made this Asian style noodle salad for book club that was healthy, vegan, and GF and tasted delicious.
I tried to make a similar dish with different noodles (same brand) and ended up with a totally weird, gummy Asian salad. Another kitchen failure

I also would like to share recipes with others, but that’s kinda difficult when there isn’t a recipe. Moral of the story…use your measuring cups & get out the pen and start writing!

2. Dress like a real person.  I came over at the end of July with one suitcase of clothing. I have been repeating outfits like crazy and opting for a standard uniform of black lululemon. This was fun for a while, but now it’s cold and I want my glorious selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Same jeans and shoes….day and night. I have mastered making the most of my limited wardrobe. Luckily, 23 boxes are arriving by sea freight this month and I will be reunited with my former closet. 
3. Be GRATEFUL and use the power of my mind to manifest my dreams. 

We have been wanting to live back in America for a while, and now we’re here. Not only are we in America, but we’re in the glorious city of Chicago, my husband is one of the best MBA programs in the world, and we are creating a beautiful home together in our little apartment. Obviously, we have a lot to be grateful for. I need to wake up everyday, and fill my head with affirmations of gratitude. After that I need to put my goals and aspirations out into the universe and start making my future.  Get after it. 

 4. Change up my workout routine and try some new group fitness classes.

Chicago is FULL of great options for group fitness and I am excited to mix in some strength and conditioning into my routine. I also have been craving the energy of group fitness BIG TIME. I love running with all my heart, but it can be very introspective. Sometimes I just want to get lost in the music and choreography, move my body, and work up a serious sweat (<—am I craving a rave here?). 
5. Eat a Burrito. Apparently this crazy cat lady cannot picture me doing it, so I’m going to prove it. Truth be told, I haven’t had a real, loaded up burrito in a long time and it’s about time I eat one. No messing with taco salads or burrito bowls, I want to go carnage on a foil-wrapped, real deal. I’m all over yelp searching for this magical burrito. In honor of Kim, I’m doing it vegetarian style
6. Vlog!!!!! 

I’m nervous, but I always like to hear what other bloggers sound like, so I figured I should go out on a limb and make a little video. What should I talk about? Should I just introduce myself and do a tutorial on Gangham Style? Do you have any questions I can answer? 

So, that’s my thoughts for November. Write recipes, work my wardrobe, Count my blessings, sweat with others, take Mexican food to the face, and make a video of myself.  

Chicago People: Where are the best burritos?

What intentions do you have for November?

What are your thoughts on Vlogs?  

  • meghan

    I’m excited for your vlog!! I love watching them of blogs I read, because they let you see a little more of the person! And I need to add some fitness classes into mine. All this running and skipping crosstraining is going to come back to bite me…and I like your goal of dressing like a real person. I have to for work, but I would choos lululemon constantly if I had that option. What an amazing line of clothes. You look cute in your pictures!

  • Kelly Janowski

    I totally forgot the burrito thing! Does it have to be a giant Chipotle-style burrito, or can it by a healthy-ish bar-rito from the Protein Bar?

  • kelsey


    I want a Christmas card, I’ll just steal one from your apt next time I’m over.

  • kilax

    Kelly, it CANNOT be a Protein Bar Bar-rito. Geesh. Funny enough, I was there with the other Kelly (W) on Wed and commented on how you still have to eat your burrito. It has to be huge. Bigger than Chipotle. Go to El Famous Burrito and get the bean and rice one, and don’t get the junior. Get the normal size.

    I want to see more Gangnam style in your vlog!!!

  • Christina

    Oh, do the vlog! People love that stuff. You’ll be great. And you can always re-record it. I am working on being more grateful too, especially for the little things. Yesterday (omg this sounds so lame) I remembered that my steering wheel had the volume & channel buttons on it. Why do I always forget this? Anyway, I got way too excited and realized wow, little things like this just aren’t appreciated. I’m checking myself and being happy for all the beauty around me, even if it’s dumb technology/car stuff.

  • Kelly @ Running Kellometers


  • skinnyrunner

    you can borrow my glowsticks for your rave any time you want. all you have to do is ask…

  • Laura

    Yay for vlogs!!

  • Katie

    Love vlogs! And um… I don’t think I’ve had a burrito in Chicago! Lol chipotle?

  • Albuchholz

    try the vegetarian California Burrito at Angela’s Burrito (2556 N Clark St, Chicago) — they are my favorite recent discovery. The guys making the burritos speak very little English, but they sure know who to make a great, quick dinner :)