Thanks Blog

My weekend was fabulous and I have to give credit where credit is due: This blog. This little Internet space where I post feelings, my breakfast, my workouts, and random tidbits of my life. I have connected with so many people… sharing little triumphs and tribulations, getting advice and giving advice, finding support with others in similar situations, and getting inspiration to try something new. This little blog has also been excellent for my social life. Behind the bloggers and readers are some pretty awesome people and this weekend can attest to that. 
Friday - Girl’s Night! A reader named Heidi emailed me when I moved here, and now I’m claiming her as my friend. We went out to dinner a while ago and we realized we were made for each other (further proof was confirmed when I walked into her apartment and we had purchased the same couch from Crate & Barrel). We are planning on eating and drinking our way through the city and buffing up our interior design skills together.  I was lucky enough to secure an invitation to her girl’s night this past weekend and it was amazing

Wine, Cheese, Cheesecake Dip (!!!), appetizers galore, a group of amazing ladies, and MAGIC MIKE! What else could you ask for?

SaturdayPacket Pick Up- I can’t give credit to my blog, but I will give a huge shout out to social media for helping me navigate packet pick up at the Hot Chocolate 15K Expo. I scouted out Twitter and Facebook and was able to get in there during a slower time. #Winning

Saturday evening, I had the pleasure of celebrating Katie’s birthday with tapas and dancing at a gay bar.      I met Katie through our Blogger Book Club and was excited to celebrate her 25th with some of her friends and family, as well as fellow bloggers/friends Kate, Emily, and Chelsey.

Yes, my race prep for my PR was complete with one glass of wine, dancing, and an 11:30 bedtime. Apparently, I am really serious about my pre-race prep. 
Sunday- Hot Chocolate 15K.  My PR? 100% compliments of blogging. Reading running blog originally inspired me to get out there and run. I started running for fitness, but I’ve continued running because I’ve fallen in love.  I’ve found a whole community of amazing local ladies that also get a kick out of running. I stalk them on the regular to find out where/when their running and racing and it inspires me to keep on target with my running goals. I signed up for this race after hearing it through the blogosphere, found consistent inspiration through my training from other runner bloggers, and finally was paced by none other than a running blogger-turned friend that I only met weeks before
Gosh, this blog has been busy.

Bloggers: What has your blog given you that you are grateful for?

Readers: Have you met up with a blogger you read on the regular? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. You don’t have to blog to be friends with bloggers. 

  • Kelly Janowski

    I’ve met so many people through blogging. It’s hard to make friends as an adult, especially if you don’t have kids, so blogging is a great fix.

  • Christina

    Oh, I love blogging. Such a wonderful thing that I swear, only other bloggers truly understand. I’m grateful for having met YOU! We should run the 1/2 marathon in leopard print.

  • Katie

    Blogging really has had such an amazing impact on my life, not only is it my creative outlet but it has connected me to some really great people (including you! Obviously)

  • Maggie Wolff

    Yay blogging! I’ve met lots of cool ladies through blogging that I would never have met otherwise! I agree with Kelly, it is a lot harder to meet new friends as an adult, and blogging is a great way to not only make new friends, but find people to do the things you like with (like running). Before blogging I was lucky to talk my husband into a couple races a year, so I either skipped races or did them solo. Now between blogging and my running club, I couldn’t do a race “by myself” if I wanted to.

  • Erin @ Loop Looks

    You took the words right out of my mouth in regards to what blogging has given me. So many new friends and opportunities!

  • Lindsay @ Running the Windy City

    Ditto what everyone else said. Blogging has introduced me to so many people, companies, and opportunities. It’s really been a great experience :)

  • Katie @ Livehalffull

    I agree with you 100% on this! Plus, my blog holds me accountable!

  • Kayla

    Blogging has introduced to me sooo many people. Many I have just met this year!! It also keeps me accountable and reading everyone else’s blogs definitely gives me inspiration.

  • Catherine Crain

    I don’t have a blog, but I’ve thought about it! I just really think my life is super boring and I wouldn’t have much to say! Nursing school is what takes up all my time! I love your blog so much! :) I have a few bloggers that I’d like to meet, including you!

  • Tessa @ Girl with a Teacup

    I definitely wouldn’t have met you if it wasn’t for Posh Meets Pavement :)

  • livenlovecestlavie

    Congrats on the PR! I had a half marathon PR after I went to a wine tasting event the night before and probably had the equivalent of at least 4 full glasses of wine. Blogging, for me, is an outlet. I actually started writing my intern year of residency to process my feelings when my first patient passed away. Today, it’s nice to have a little space where I can let loose and be a little creative, since I’m serious at work all day.

  • kilax

    So happy you had a fun blogger-centric weekend! And that bloggers are helping you feel at home in Chicago (I hope? :) )!

    I meet up with bloggers all the time, and even readers who don’t have blogs. I love meeting new people! :)

  • Kelly @ Running Kellometers

    I love blogging and have met so many new friends this way… not just any kind of friends either, friends that share the same interest where we can talk about races, gear, advice, coaches, ETC.! I am so happy that I started this thing and have become more involved in such a great community.

  • Glamorous Ski Bum

    I just started bloging, so I can’t really say! It does give me something to occupy my spare time with, other than being lazy and watching TV. I hope I’ll get as much out of it as you did!

    (I discovered your blog on SR a while back!)