Vegetarian Meals, Week 2

Today marks week #2
Here’s a look at the meals. 
I would like to formally apologize for formerly sticking up my nose at Noodles & Company. My husband often suggests going there, and my response is a crinkled nose and a, “Why?” I used to associate this place with low quality college food, but after a delicious meal last week, I’m now a fan. 

I had the Thai Curry soup with tofu and it was amazing. I love Thai soups with lots of spice and flavor and this fits the bill perfectly. My husband also went with an Asian dish and ordered Bangkok Curry with tofu.

I don’t mean to brag, but the meal you are about to see was phenomenal.

Spanakopita! This was a staple in my home growing up and it has been way too long since I made it. My mom never makes this from a recipe, so I just went off memory. I originally bought ‘light’ feta from Trader Joe’s, but after one taste, I was not impressed. I quickly picked up some local Wisconsin feta to ensure this meal was amazing. Sometimes low fat is not worth it. I loved this meal and I already want to make it again. 
Big Star!  It’s such a small world! My husband ended up running into one of our friend from college and we met him for drinks at big star.  I got a grapefruit based tequila drink that wasn’t my favorite, but the food was great!

Avoiding meat really limited our options on the menu, but we were pretty full from the chips and guac and split some fried plantains and a golden beet tostada. Both were incredible. We stopped for froyo on the way home and it was pretty disappointing.

Typical creamy pasta with peas. I just make it vegetarian by omitting the pancetta.

I had a big eggplant to use, so I made a cumin spiced eggplant and onion saute and also quick Italian eggplant rolls. I roasted the eggplant sliced to make the pliable and then filled them with a mixture of cottage cheese, parsley, garlic, and Parmesan cheese that I mixed together in my Vitamix. I also used the pasta sauce that I got from Costco.

I also made a strawberry vinaigrette that I love so much I want to eat it with a spoon. 
Speaking of salads, I need to address this tub of Organic baby greens that I got at Costco. No matter how many salads we eat, I cannot seem to make a dent in the tub of greens. 

I have been eating AT LEAST one salad a day (and I can put away some salad) since I purchased it last Monday and it is still full as ever. 

What’s the deal? Does this stuff magically regenerate in the night? For reference, we typically go through two bags of lettuce/arugula/baby greens without trying.

Have you ever had Spanakopita? 

What chain restaurant surprises you with amazing food?  I also really enjoy Panera, especially their soups! 

  • Jordan P

    For the record (for both you and your hubby), sign up for their email club. Not only do you get a BOGO right when you sign up, BUT on your birthdays you get a totally free noodle bowl, no purchase necessary. I always go for the Bangkok Curry, and it’s always delicious.

  • Amy B @ Second City Randomness

    Big Star! That place has alluded me… I’m so jealous and have been waiting for someone to suggest it it after a long night out…

  • Lindsay Priester

    All of this food looks amazing. I want that spanikopita now!

  • Christina

    You’re killing me with those golden beets. I love spanakopita but I really only like it warm. That’s another recipe that seems to intimidate me. I need to get over it.

  • Kelly Janowski

    Maybe I’m biased, but when I was a strict vegetarian, I always thought restaurants went out of their way to make the non-meat options very tasty. I once had vegetarian fajitas (a total oxymoron, I know), and they were amazing: tons of peppers, veggies, onions and seasonings with a side of Spanish rice and corn tortillas.

  • Erin @ Loop Looks

    Mmm, Noodles & Co. I love everything I’ve had there.

    And is spanakopita difficult to make? Phyllo dough always intimidates me.

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    Lol I’ve never HEARD of Spanakopita, but it looks really good! I’d totally eat gluten to try that! And I haven’t been to Noodles & Co but I guess I should try it?

  • Irina @ Chocolatea Time

    I’m actually not a fan of Noodles and haven’t been since high school when everyone would drag me out to lunch there. I guess I’m always pleasantly surprised whenever I eat there, but I never make a conscious effort to eat there. I typically get the Bangkok Curry too when I go there though!

  • Christina

    My yiayia (greek for grandma) makes the best spanakopita, tiropita! Before I was diagnosed with Celiac’s I would always eat 2 pieces of Spanakopita. Greek Cuisine=Love

  • Dana Graves

    Yum! Everything looks so good!

  • Sierra

    It’s not hard as long as your not particular about the appearance. I just layer and bake. I also defrost it in the fridge instead of the counter.

  • Sierra

    Just do it already, you made crackers …you can do this easily.

  • Sierra

    I’m down.

  • Sierra

    Queen of coupons