What I Ate Wednesday

Here’s my eats. I don’t know about ‘good habits’, but it is what it is. Thanks to Jenn for hosting the link up. 

5 Super boring miles on the treadmill and despite watching DC Cupcake, I finished up my workout craving onions. 
Obviously, breakfast featured onions. Toast with laughing cow wedge, grilled onions, froached eggs. 
Lunch was leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. 

Dinner on the left, lunch on the right. 

I had these frozen Udi’s Gluten Free crusts and put together two quick vegetarian pizzas.

The one on the left was tomato sauce, part skim mozzarella, and the meatless meatballs from Trader Joe’s. The right was a mexi-BBQ inspired creation with a base of low fat sour cream and sriracha, mexican blend cheese from Trader Joe’s, black beans, red onions, corn, and a drizzle of both BBQ sauce and more sriracha. I wasn’t expecting much from these GF crusts, but I loved them and my husband didn’t even realize they were GF. I will definitely be buying these again to keep in the freezer for a quick and easy dinner. 
Back to #WIAW…
After lunch I was feeling like chocolate and scrounged around in the office for something to satisfy a sweet tooth. I tried this Good Greens Bites in Chocolate Peanut Butter. 50 calories and totally took care of my chocolate craving. 
That evening I had a potluck dinner to attend. I was planning on running up to the grocery store to grab some stuff, but it was cold and I was lazy, so I just made due with what I had in my kitchen. 
Remember that HUGE container of baby greens that I couldn’t make a dent in? More than enough. I also added corn, green onions, red onions, cucumber, pear, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and chopped up some Nigella bar nuts for some crunch. 
I was a little hungry when I was making the salad, so I snacked on some pear slices and mini glass of white wine. 
I also used some strawberries I had in my freezer whipped up a simple strawberry vinaigrette. This salad wasn’t exactly seasonal, but it was delicious and two people at the potluck told me it was their favorite dish. 

The potluck was a lot of fun and I met some fun new friends (fellow MBA wives). My dinner was nice nutritional powerhouse of wine, jalapenos stuffed with cornbread, pumpkin soup, pickles, cupcakes, and more wine.

stuffed peppers, pumpkin soup, random picture of pickles, my own photo of sugary goodness.
Eating vegetarian definitely limited my options when browsing the potluck spread, but I loved everything I ate. Random combinations are the best. 

Onions, chocolate, pickles.. Anyone else big fans of these random (but amazing) foods?

When was the last potluck you went to? What did you bring?

  • http://www.peaceloveandoats.com/ Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    haha the last potluck I went to was blogger book club and I brought those peanut butter pumpkin cups! I’m glad to hear the Udi’s pizza crusts are good, I love their products.

  • http://southerncurlsandpearls.blogspot.com/ Caitlin C

    Your food pics on instagram seriously make me DROOL. I was running late this morning and had to grab a breakfast bar and then I saw your picture of eggs and toast with laughing cow cheese and wanted it soooo badly! A day full of good eats :)

  • Irina @ Chocolatea Time

    Onions, chocolate, pickles…umm all of the above please! Lately I’ve been craving pickles like crazy and can’t get enough. I think my body is just craving salt due to all the running.

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    You have to try the crusts!