Elf for Health, Week 2

This week I had to finagle the daily challenges a bit to work with my life. I was doing a 3-Day Juice Cleanse Monday-Wednesday, so my daily challenges were a little bit adapted. Although I probably didn’t carry out the daily tasks as prescribed, I’m still finding a ton of inspiration and encouragement from this community of Elves. The juice cleanse was obviously not a part of the Elf for Health Challenge, but personally, it was a great challenge for me to take on during the craziness of the holiday season. 
Monday: Track your fiber intake. 

This was definitely on the lower side of fiber intake for me. My favorite fiber rich foods? Oat Bran, ground flax, black beans, Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal (these remind me of bird pellets), and sweet potato (with skins!).

Tuesday: Have a salad and make your own dressing.  Obviously, I wasn’t eating solids, so a salad wasn’t an option. Since I was working from home on Tuesday, I adopted Friday’s Challenge: Go Make Up Free 
Considering that the juice cleanse recommended that you evaluate your personal care products during the cleanse and eliminate harmful chemicals, this was probably to my benefit. I’m sure my make up is full of things that I don’t want to know about, so this was a perfect challenge for the day. I even used a natural moisturizer (not crazy about it) and gave all my make up brushes a nice deep clean. 
Wednesday: Pack a Healthy Snack & Share with a friend. There was no “snacks” going on…it was juice, juice, and more juice. 
Since my juices were my “snacks”, I did offer to share!*
Thursday: Let’s Lift Weights. Try an exercise you haven’t tried before. 

I wanted to give my body a big break this week, so I kept my “weight training” to body weight exercises. I did a circuit a couple times through that had squats, push ups, tricep dips, and this new exercise…
Via Shape Magazine 
I totally felt this in my shoulders and I loved how it used multiple muscle groups. 
+Rain Check for Tuesday’s Salad Challenge. 

JuiceRx recommended that you break your juice cleanse with something light like a salad, so Thursday evening, I went to work making the most delicious kale salad with homemade dressing. 

My dressing was lots of lemon juice, sesame oil, stevia, salt, pepper, mustard, and garlic. I continually tossed the kale with the dressing while my butternut roasted and the acidity of the lemon juice soften the kale perfectly. I was abnormally excited to prep this salad and made sure it was ultra-tasty. 3 Days of juice deserves a primo-deluxe salad. 
Friday: Go Make-Up Free. I go make-up free plenty, but today wasn’t going to be the day. Being all natural didn’t work with my agenda for the day. Sorry. Props to all you ladies that did. 
For the Weekend… Make a Plan for the Upcoming Week.
Yep, I’m on it. 
*My husband has requested that I verify that he loved all the green juices and he didn’t feel one bit sorry for me because they were delicious.  
  • http://running2heal.wordpress.com/ Christina

    I go make up free 90% of the time. Unfortunately now I have to start wearing some makeup for an internship that I have. I dont know but I dont like wearing makeup unless I have too.

  • Beril

    Hi Sierra – Take a look at Jurlique for moisturizers and such. You might like it.

  • http://livehalffull.wordpress.com/ Katie @ Livehalffull

    I couldn’t go makeup free yesterday either. I had a business lunch. So I am today while running errands!

  • Nicole Ortiz-Olson

    I bought that lotion too. I did not like it! I dont have very sensitive skin and sometimes even throw whatever lotion I can find on it. (sometimes) But this lotion burned my skin and made it red and I hate it. I give it a scowl everytime i open my cabinet. I am obviously very about buying this lotion.

  • http://www.littlegirlinthebigworld.com/ meghan

    Nice job on getting all the challenges in with the juice cleanse. I did pretty well but fell off a bit. I’m excited to start fresh and have a new partner too.

  • http://twitter.com/nutritionella nutritionella

    Love this recap! Great job with the challenges :)

  • http://www.thefastfitrunner.com/ Crystal – The Fast Fit Runner

    I go make up free on weekends only really. Work requires looking my best.

  • kelsey

    HAHAHA I love the tiny disclaimer at the end!

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