It’s kinda a long flight

Internet is spotty, so I’ll keep this brief. 
AM…packed and ready to go. 2 pieces of luggage, 2 carry ons, 1 set of golf clubs. 
Midway Security Line. 

Flew MDW-IAD. Stayed at an airport hotel (Aloft Dulles) in prep for our AM flight. We take a taxi to a shopping center for delicious Thai food (Yelp is amazing) and a movie (and ice cream, if we are being honest).

4:45 AM wake up call. I did a 20 min treadmill workout and quick strength circuit in the hotel gym. 

I ended up getting coffee at a gas station and took it to the face on the shuttle to the airport. 

I brought my own oatmeal and put it together in the airport lounge. They had food, but nothing I wanted, so I was happy I packed my own food. One guy in the lounge even asked where I got the oatmeal and I was forced to reveal that I BYOO (bring your own oatmeal). 
Boarded and ready to go. Book. Cashmere Slippers. Vueve. <—-makings of a good flight

Apron Anxiety, my white elephant gift from book club. Thanks Emily…I love it. 

Landing in Dubai. Sleep-zero. Day flights are not my jam. 

Vegetarian Indian food for breakfast at the Emirates Lounge in Dubai. My husband looks forward to it every time.

Another 6.5 hour flight…and we are landing in Mauritius.

 I get off the plane, and suddenly I feel like I’m going to be sick. <—–head case.

I’m hot and sweaty and not impressed with the multiple flights of stairs that I have to take while carrying my luggage. Baby Louis is fabulous, but he is not the most weight conscious piece of luggage I own. After I get through customs, I get to the bathroom and strip off a shirt. Large knit sweater with a bra? Why not? I felt like I was going to pass out…

 Our driver is waiting for us and we embark on 45 minutes of narrow roads. Fresh air was my best friend and I essentially had my head out the window.

After Chicago-Dulles, Dulles-Dubai, Dubai-Mauritius, Mauritius-to our resort….We’re arrived. It’s every bit as fabulous as I imagined. 

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    WHEW! That is quite a trip to get there but I’m nevertheless super jealous of getting to leave this continent! Haha, enjoy your trip!

  • Jen

    glad you arrived safely. what i wouldn’t give to change places with you right now. i need a vacation and to get the F out of here during the holiday. have so much fun. xo

  • Dana

    I have gotten sick like that while traveling so many times- hope you feel better soon and enjoy your trip!! I can’t wait to see more pictures of Mauritius. I’m off to Pittsburgh this weekend, so un-glamorous!!

  • Amy B @ Second City Randomness

    Gas station coffee sometimes tastes AMAZING when it’s needed the most. Truth.

  • Alexis

    Love that hot pink sweater!

  • Christina

    Took it to the face – ha! Love the red sweater. Have so much fun!

  • Jordan P

    SO MUCH FLYING!! Luckily, you got the classic Mauritius Dodo Bird welcome disembarkation card. I heard those are hot ticket items.

  • Sierra

    Collector’s item

  • Sierra

    Red sweater is from H&M- like 24 bucks. You need it.

  • Sierra

    H&M. I’ve been wearing it more than I care to admit.

  • Sierra

    SOOO many options at the gas station.

  • meghan

    Wow! What a trip! Have an amazing time in Mauritius. I’m sure it will be fabulous.

  • Dkchater

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