Juice Cleanse, Day 2

Day 1 Recap HERE
I’ll be honest and say that Day 1 was pretty easy. I don’t think my body quite understood that there was a cleanse going on until late in the evening. 
Here was the line up for Day 2 
The morning of Day 2, I was working with close to twelve hours of sleep and I still had more trouble than usual getting out of bed. Apparently this is normal. JuiceRx advocates getting plenty of sleep during the juice cleanse and I clearly had that one covered. 
Since I couldn’t have coffee, I pretended. 
That would be half of the Spicy Lemonade from JuiceRx & half hot water. Surprisingly, this actually was a nice morning drink. I use to have a mug with hot water and lemon every morning before my coffee and this was a good reminder of how good it feels to start your morning with a cleansing cocktail. I still had the smell of coffee to enjoy the “routine” of having a hot drink in my hand while I checked my morning emails. 
One of the other “cleansing tips” provided by Juice Rx is to evaluate your personal care products. This is actually something I have been wanting to do after a conversation with Alex during her visit, and this cleanse was a great push to get me started. 

I knew I had some samples of all-natural body wash and face wash in my November KLUTCHclub box, so I busted them out and used them. Not all natural products work as well as their chemical-laden counterparts (I’m looking at you, deodorant), so I love that I’m able to try a couple healthier alternatives each month and see how it goes. Luckily, these Nature’s Gate samples were fantastic and were more natural alternatives to my normal routine.

Later in the morning, I enjoyed the Cranberry Cornucopia juice.

This juice is really rich, but I think it may be my favorite. The balance of the tart cranberries and the sweet spices really makes it a delicious holiday flavored drink.

That juice really filled me up and I had to remind myself to start on the next juice around 2:30. It was hard to get the green ones down. I don’t know if it was mental, or that I wasn’t very hungry, but drinking Juice #3 and Juice #4 were rough. I would take a couple sips and put it back in the fridge and take breaks with glasses of water.

Surprisingly, I found the Lunchtime Detox to be the most difficult to drink. On Day 1, I really liked it, but for some reason I found it hard to stomach. This juice is really tastes like pear and cucumber to me and the lack of acidity is what I think was lacking.

Juice #4 was the Cucumber-Mint Electrolyte Boost, which has actually grown on me. The first day I thought it tasted so much like celery, but the second day I thought it had a nice citrus-sweet-celery balance. I really like citrus, so I think the acidity of this juice is what makes it appeal to me. I don’t really taste the mint, it does have a fresh aftertaste.

Confession: I couldn’t do Juice #5. The Evening Green is the thickest, greenest juice of the lot, and toward the end of the day I wasn’t feeling so hot. I was tired and cold and maybe a little cranky.

I wasn’t particularly hungry, but around 7PM, I opened up Juice #6. The last juice of the day is a nut milk and the owner of Juice Rx was kind enough to let me try a couple of their seasonal flavors. Day 2 ended with Pumpkin Spice Milk.

I was really looking forward to this one since I love pumpkin spice flavored things (really healthy stuff like SF Coffeemate!) and it was really good. It was pretty sweet and had all the earthy spices to mimic a pumpkin pie. I had a couple sips from the bottle before throwing it in my Vitamix with ice and topping it with cinnamon. After eating this, I actually felt a bit better. The nut milks pack in a lot of calories, healthy fats and fiber, so I think my body needed this more substantial drink.

FYI: I asked Dean, the owner of JuiceRx, if it was okay to have the juices blended with ice and he gave me the go-ahead. 

I got into bed super early and read a book. Apparently you save a lot of time when you don’t have to  meal plan/cook/clean up/do dishes.

Biggest Surprise? How full I felt from the juices. I normally have a good appetite, but I find these juices VERY filling.

Feeling: Fatigued, cold, soreness in my hip joints/hip flexors. These are all normal detox signs and it actually is a little bit encouraging that this whole cleansing processing is working.

2 Down, 1 to go…

  • http://southerncurlsandpearls.blogspot.com/ Caitlin C

    I have loved reading about your juice cleanse!! Seriously makes me want to try this. I’m surprised that there are so many juices you have to drink a day… and what tasty flavors they come in. Can’t wait to read about Day 3! :)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15496382935717734293 Katie

    I’m surprise they’re so filling! After cost that was my second concern to trying this myself.

  • http://putyourglasseson.blogspot.com/ PutYourGlassesOn

    wow, i’m starting to think i should really give this a go at some point. thanks for the review!

  • http://running2heal.wordpress.com/ Christina

    Sounds like an interesting Juice cleanse and looks like you are doing great. Good luck with the second phase :).

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14993280435839814115 Dana

    The pumpkin spice nut milk looks awesome! I think you have me convinced to do a cleanse, now I just need to pick one.