KLUTCHclub December Box

December’s Box is already here and I haven’t even got through all the products in November (I should probably get around to writing that post)
KLUTCHclub’s December box is all about New Year’s Resolutions. Rather start in December rather than January, right? Methinks January’s resolutions would be a whole lot different if I didn’t use the whole month of December (and 95% of November since this is America and the holidays have no limits) to try every “seasonal flavor” and declare “bad weather” a reason to skip a workout. My other vice? It seems like there is an excuse to have a drink every day
Luckily, I’ve received a couple pushes toward health this December. 
1. Elf for Health. Internet peer pressure gets me everytime. You cannot hide from Instagram. 
2. 3-Day Juice Cleanse. If the rest of December is a disaster, at least I know that I had 3-days of hyper-health with my green juice
3. This Box
Apparently the world is doing it’s best to keep me healthy and happy during an especially hectic time of the year. 
Let’s take a look at the goodies. 

First things first, I opened that C.Booth body butter and slathered it on my legs and ankles. I am a cold-weather newbie and my skin has been acting VERY STRANGE.  This thick body butter was exactly what I needed.

Do you know that back part of your ankle? Well mine is straight up embarrassing. It has gotten so dry and neglected that it is actually resembling some sort of flaky amphibian. I got a glimpse of it poking out of my running socks and was horrified. Since that weird moment, I have been giving my skin a full on rub down after the shower using this C.Booth body butter. My regular lotion (that works like a charm in normal weather) was not cutting it and this thick cream seems to be the “heavy-duty” solution that I needed. Another plus? It smells amazing.

After the excitement of the cream (which lasted 2-3 days), I took a look at the rest of the items in the box.

  • I really want to like Zevia since I use stevia as much as I can in my kitchen for coffee, cooking, and baking, but there is something a little weird tasting about these. I have tried 2-3 different flavors and the cola is one of the better ones. That being said, I do like to have low calorie carbonated drinks without aspartame, so I end up drinking these from time to time. 
  • The shampoo and conditioner won me over with the word “sleek”. I will definitely be taking these perfect travel sized bottles to Mauritius and putting them to the test. My hair is generally pretty straight, but in the heat and humidity, it does it’s own thing. 
  • I have heard mixed reviews about SoyJoy bars (this girl LOVES her some SoyJoy) and I’m excited to try them. I probably wouldn’t of purchased these on my own, but I will definitely give them a try and throw one in my bag for hangry (hungry +angry) situations. I like that we got two flavors to sample so my opinion is not based on one bar. 
  • The Jaali Bean lentil and rice meal looks delicious. Since I had to plan out my meals and workout this weekend for Elf for Health, I have put that on the menu for Tuesday night. I have yet to find something labeled “coconut curry” that I don’t like. 
  • The packaging of the Berry Plus laundry detergent is uber cool and compact. Another things that will be coming to Mauritius with me! 
Lots of interesting products to try, and I’m loving how perfectly the products are for traveling. Plane snacks? Check. I just remembered you can’t take nuts or fruit traveling internationally. Obviously these are packaged, but I don’t take chances, especially with customs. 
Thinking of ordering?

-KLUTCHclub is also doing a limited time offer of a “BEST OF” box that is filled with over $100 dollars worth of their most popular products for $17 plus $8 shipping and handling. $25 bucks for some major swag. 
-My fellow Tarheel Anne has a discount code for 20% off all memberships. Use Coupon Code “ANNE” at checkout. 

Have you tried Zevia or any other stevia sweetened sodas? What did you think? My favorite one I’ve tried is the Steaz sparkling green tea sodas. 

How do you deal with dry skin in the winter? We also bought a humidifier and it has made a big difference. 

Full disclosure: I received this box free from KLUTCHclub, but the review and opinions are honest and all my own.  Links for KLUTCHclub in this post are referral links, and I will get partial compensation for sales. 

  • http://putyourglasseson.blogspot.com/ PutYourGlassesOn

    If you’re having a tough time with winter skin issues, I’d highly recommend La Mer’s body creme. It’s super $$$ but it does wonders. Their lip balm is also worth every cent!

  • Amy B @ Second City Randomness

    I have to moisturize multiple times during the day now… the dry winter air is killer… :(

  • http://accidentalintentions.wordpress.com/ Bethany

    My sister and mom have a lot of trouble with dry skin in the winter, and I know sometimes they put lotion on their feet/hands right before bed and then wear socks/gloves. They also occasionally use Bag Balm. It doesn’t smell the greatest (it was actually originally made for cow’s udders), but from what they’ve said it works well.

  • http://twitter.com/ApplesArteries Apples and Arteries

    I can’t keep up with dry skin during the winter. My hands really take a beating with all the hand washing and time out in the cold. Last winter I started using this hand cream and I think the tub will last me a lifetime. http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/product/no-crack-super-hand-cream-75128.aspx

  • http://www.dont-look-down.com/ Alyssa @ Don’t Look Down

    Oh yes the dry winter skin problem. I get this really weird patch of super dry skin on my eyelid and around my eye. My best tips are to moisturize often and make sure to stay hydrated. I’m usually not as thirsty when the weather is cold, but I notice a big difference if I take in a lot of water.