Last Min Stuff

Up since 4:45 EST at our hotel….waiting for coffee. Don’t hotels know that if you are up that early, coffee is a necessity and not a choice. Get with the program here.  I’m giving it another 10 minutes or I’m hitting up a gas station for some quality brew. 
I’ve been super lame, because I’ve been non-stop busy, but I will give you the bullet points of the last two days. 
  • Operations “Clean out the fridge before we leave“= lots of random meals. 

I’m happy to report that all the vegetables in my fridge were consumed except a handful of baby greens and some spring onions. 
After that 20 minutes on the treadmill, I try to do a quick strength circuit. Time has been limited this week, so all my workouts have been before the sun is up, or after it sets. At least I’m making a little time to get a sweat going…
  • Other priorities?  Hair. Obviously. I’m all waxed and colored. I’m not going on vacation with roots or stubble. 

My friend Stephanie just set up her own salon and she is the best. If you live in Chicago, and need cut or color, she is your gal. 

Coffee Update? 6:30 came and went and no coffee was served. I just picked us up some from the gas station. This warrants a Yelp review. 

Are you traveling this holiday season? Where are you going? Mauritius. I’m actually at the airport now. 

Do you use Yelp? Do you write reviews or just read them?  I’m obsessed. I write and read and upload lots of photos. 

  • Alexis

    Thats BS that you had to wait till at least after 6:30 for coffee– who knows when it was actually served. Your hair looks cute

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    Haha that definitely warrants a Yelp review. I can’t wait to hear about your trip, have a BLAST!!!!

  • Kayla

    Hope you got your coffee! Have an awesome trip!!!

  • Lindsay

    Have fun on vacation!