Texting about groceries

A good indicator that this girl is growing up?  The evolution of my text messages with friends.  (In case an anthropologist ever studies my communication and tries to make some broad statements about my personal growth and development)  
Middle School: no text messaging…only AIM and personal phone lines 

High School: 

Did you do the homework? 

Did ‘so and so’ call you?

What are you wearing?  

Can your parents drop you off?


 Did you see her Facebook photo?

Who did you see when you were home over the weekend?

Hung as a horse…Brunch? 

Visit Me!  

When are you done with finals?

Did you get that internship ?


‘So and So’ is pregnant/married/engaged

What are you guys doing this weekend?  (insert with something that includes eating, drinking, or home improvement related) 

What do you think of this? (attached image of something home-decor related)

How’s work?  

‘So and so’ is having a sale this weekend 

What are you making for dinner?  

Who would of thought? Life changes, but I am forever grateful that I have wonderful friends that I chat with about anything and everything. Even the little details like dinner.


This week I was texting with my friend and she sent me a photo of a soup she recommended. Obviously, I had to pick it up at whole foods. A couple days later, I paired it with a Bob’d Red Mill Cornbread mix for one of the easiest dinners ever. 

I only made a half batch of the cornbread, but it blew up in the skillet and was super fluffy. I thought the batter was pretty bland, so I added some honey and sea salt and it turned out fantastic. I paired it with the soup (I added some extra spice and a couple drops of liquid smoke) and a little DIY toppings and dinner was served. This was so easy I felt like I was cheating. 
The soup was a perfect serving for two, but we had plenty of cornbread left over. 
Cornbread with breakfast, cornbread with lunch (Amy’s vegetarian chili)…
I wish I could send leftovers via text message. You technology people should make an App or something. 

What makes you realize you’re actually an adult? Taxes, being called “Mrs”, using eye cream, Spanx, seeing girls half your age at Forever 21 and realizing that you are the outsider, getting a discounts on your car insurance for driving for 10+ years, reading the newspaper, buying wine and not getting carded, buying furniture at places besides IKEA and Craigslist….

Have you ever made cornbread from scratch? I can’t remember, but I want to try it. 

Favorite kind of soup?  Anything from a Thai restaurant 

  • http://putyourglasseson.blogspot.com/ PutYourGlassesOn

    ooh your corn bread looks so yummy! did you use the recipe on the box?

  • http://applesandarteries.com/ Nicole

    Working on a college campus…I feel just a little bit older every year that the new class of freshmen arrive!

  • http://livehalffull.wordpress.com/ Katie @ Livehalffull

    Agreed on all of these! Being married makes me feel OLD!

  • http://www.magmilerunner.com/ Maggie

    Things that make me feel old … The fact that so many major events that indicate being an adult happened SO LONG ago in my life … 12 years since high school graduation, 8 years since college grad, 5 years since my wedding day. Also how old the “little kids” in my life are. My youngest cousin is turning 21 next spring. My oldest nephew is 7. And of course the fact that I’m no longer in my 20s. Still haven’t really wrapped my mind around that one.

  • http://www.magmilerunner.com/ Maggie

    Also I have a couple cornbread recipes that I’m posting soon – one is vegan/GF/soy free, the other is definitely not vegan and probably not very healthy but delicious.

  • http://highheeledrunner.com/ Brooke @ Running In Heels

    I know exactly what you mean! It’s weird when your texts start to sound like your mothers ;)

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    I will be on the look out for your recipes. Nieces and nephews never fail to make me feel old. They grow SOOO fast.

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    I cut the recipe on the bag in half and added 1 TBSP honey and a couple shakes of salt.