Book Medley

Two long flights plus two weeks of snail-slow internet and no TV translated to some quality reading time. 
I got this book from Emily during our white elephant gift exchange at the last Blogger Book Club

I started it on the plane and quickly got enthralled in the relationship drama. I thought the story was a bit dramatized, but I really enjoyed it. I loved the message of “cooking through issues” and Alyssa definitely inspired me to get more creative in the kitchen and step out of my comfort zone.  Since this was the only book I brought with me to Mauritius, I saved the last few chapters for my first day at the beach. 
Day 1 at the beach….finish book. Obviously, not great planning on my part. 
Luckily, my husband brought his iPad and he downloaded me our January Book Club Book …
Scary and twisted, but I really enjoyed it. Since I was sick and stuck in bed, I knocked this out in one day. 
Moving on…I started to scout my family’s reading material. Who was almost done with their book that I could snatch up? 

I saw this book a while ago in a magazine and made a note to get it at the library. Luckily, my BIL had just finished it and let me borrow it.  The writing isn’t anything spectacular, but the story is incredible. I loved seeing how the story unfolded from the view of an insider. I really wish this wasn’t anonymous because I have such an image of this guy built up in my head. 
After plowing through that, I looked through the books my husband already had on his kindle, and settled on this:
I remember seeing how thick this book was in real life, so I knew this would take me awhile. I’m currently about half way through and so far, so good…
I grew up around the Silicon Valley, so I like all the references to places I know and can picture in my mind. I also really enjoy the idiosyncrasies of Jobs and the tales of the early Apple team. We all have our quirks, but Steve Jobs really pushes the boundaries of normal and it clearly worked for him. 
Finally, I met a very special woman in Mauritius that gave me an amazing gift! 
The Law of Attraction and the practice of gratitude has changed my life, so I am very excited to start to read The Magic and participate in the 28 days of gratitude exercises. Receiving this book on the 29th of December was a great reminder to start 2013 with a renewed focus on gratitude! 

My friend Jenna (this blog design is her handiwork) blogs over at Small Fry and is doing an incredible giveaway for a 15-day nutrition course with Prescribe Nutrition. I highly recommend you head over there and enter because it looks fantastic!  GO HERE now and enter to win.  

Anyone read any of these titles? Thoughts? 

  • Amy

    I’d love for you to do a post on how the law of attraction and practice of gratitude has changed your life :) Haven’t read any of these books but they all sound good!

  • Christina

    I want to start The Magic and do 29 days of gratitude!

  • Christina

    I like how I put 29 by accident. ok, apparently I need to do 29 days.

  • Sierra

    I need to… I’m a little scared to share because some people think this stuff is crazy. (Crazy good if you ask me!)

  • Sierra

    Extra days are extra credit! Do it!

  • Emma Ruth

    They all sound good!

  • Livehalffull

    I want to read this book so bad! (and hear more!)

  • Nicole

    I read 50 books last year but none of these were on my shelf!

  • marciaelise

    Totally going to read “The Magic”. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Sierra

    It will change your life! Gratitude is SOO powerful!