Breakfast at the Beach

Every morning in Mauritius, we walked down to the beach for breakfast and ate together on the patio. 

Our resort* had a buffet with live cooking stations, as well as made to order options.

My nephew was a big fan of the bacon. Each morning he would declare “Bacon first…first bacon“. His mother is a vegetarian…go figure. 
I typically had soft poached eggs, but flying never fails to mess with my stomach**, so at the beginning of the trip, I had some fiber filled breakfasts complete with fresh squeezed fruit-veggie juice. 

Raw coconut was a personal favorite. Why isn’t this served in the states?

Another favorite was lychees and a homemade tea made of citronella*** grass and ginger. 
Mauritius has major French influences, so that translated to a breakfast that was heavy on the bread, cheese, and crepes****
Mickey crepe with Mauritian sugar 
girl knows what’s up 

On my last day, I went big and had a nutella crepe with banana. I don’t typically like bananas, but this was incredibly delicious and indulgent. Good thing I didn’t discover the combo earlier in the holiday…

My brother in law had a different style: A serving of sugar with a little bit of crepe.

* I’m not going to write a review of the resort on my blog, but I will post it on TripAdvisor….I had a fabulous holiday and I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but there were some issues. 

** Warning: TMI…I highly recommend packing a pack of fiber-rich oatmeal or microwave popcorn for post-long haul flights. There is something about the pressure of being in the sky for an extended time that doesn’t do me any favors. 

*** I’m guessing this is the same thing that is used for bug repellent, but it also could of been a language barrier and I’m confused. 

****I am the only American in my husband’s family, so I despite all on them referring to these as “pancakes”, I hold my ground and use ‘crepe’.  The title of pancake is referred for something totally different, but also delicious 

What’s your favorite indulgent breakfast?

Anything you get excited to see at a breakfast buffet? almond croissants, DIY toaster to burn my toast, grapefruit that is pre-sliced, soft boiled eggs

Crepe filling of choice? lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon

  • Catherine Crain

    I NEED A CREPE NOW. Oh my goodness! That breakfast selection looks amazing!!
    Favorite indulgent breakfast would be chocolate chip pancakes :)

  • Lex LB

    All that food looks so good!

  • Nicole

    All of that fresh fruit looks delicious.
    A travel trick that helps with the stomach issues – take probiotics before, during, after your travels. I take them everyday but it’s a trick I learned after some stomach problems during travels.