Eggy’s Diner

Now that we are back in Chicago, we are back on our regular routine….meaning we go out to breakfast on the weekends. 
We used to really love Brunch, but our last two visits had been pretty “blah” in terms of the food and the service, so we made a point to scout out some new Chicago breakfast spots for 2013. Personally, I would prefer to try a new place every weekend, but I am married to someone who wants to find a place, be a regular, order the same thing every time, and incorporate it into the “weekend routine”.
Anyways, I did some yelping (If you are on Yelp, regardless of where you live, you should be my friend….link to my profile HERE) I decided we would try Eggy’s Diner in Lakeshore East. I shop at Mariano’s from time to time and I have walked by Eggy’s a couple times. 
We are early birds, so we arrived around 8AM and were immediately seated at a nice table by the window. The decor is a mix of French Brasserie and city diner, but I thought the design was well thought out and made for a nice, clean look. 
We got two mugs of Intelligentsia and looked over the menu. For some reason, I love Intelligentsia in restaurants, but I don’t like it at the actual coffeehouse. Wrap your head around that one.
Our waiter was very helpful with questions about the menu and was really friendly and accommodating. After we placed our orders, he asked if we wanted at hot sauce. I obliged, expecting a bottle of Tabasco to appear, but was pleasantly surprised by a little tub of Co-op Hot Sauces that are locally made. 
I ordered The Verb Omelet and loved the combination of spicy with fresh avocado. I also was surprised by the breakfast potatoes. Typically, breakfast potatoes are not my carb of choice, but these were a different story. They looked really hodgepodge and rustic, but there was some sort of crispy-soft-salty combo that I was digging. 
Mister Variety got eggs, bacon, and pancakes. (Yawn). 
I’m not a bacon fanatic, but I will admit this bacon was pretty good. When I go back, I may have to have some. 
Overall, we really liked this place and we will definitely be back (in between the times we are trying new places, of course…). The lunch menu also looks great and this diner is BYOB. Nothing like a boozy brunch on a budget, right? 
P.S  How terrible is that last photo collage? WHY does PicMonkey have to charge for “premium service”? Remember the good ole days when it was all free??

P.P.S Why am I so cheap? Please note that the charge I am complaining about is $4.99 per month. 

Anything specific you do on your Weekend Routine?  

Favorite Omelet Fillings? I love spinach, white cheese, onions, herbs, and avocado. Not of big fan of meat in my omelets for some weird reason. 

  • jen

    hmm…i can still make collages with the free service?

    lots o’ veggies and cheese in my omelets, please!

  • Emily

    Hi Sierra! If you feel like journeying up to Lakeview for a weekend brunch, there’s a place that my husband used to frequent a ton when he lived up there called Frances’ Deli (they call it Frannie’s). Address is 2552 N. Clark. It’s one of those local neighborhood joints. They have really great pancakes!

  • Amy B @ Second City Randomness

    Kyle and I try a new breakfast place almost every single time we go out. The best one yet served red velvet pancakes. We split them and it was totally worth the sugar crash I had at 9:30am.

  • kelsey

    I refuse to pay for picmonkey too.

    That place looks fun!

  • Kelly Janowski

    Yelp is super awesome. I find so many great places that way. And Yelp Elite is pretty rocking, too.

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    I’m being cheap too but I might go ahead and pay for picmonkey premium. And I’ve never heard of Eggy’s, I might have to check that out