Let’s Talk Organizing

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but I am forever grateful for our apartment. I love Chicago and this little place high in the sky is our sanctuary.

In keeping with my gratitude, I have made it my business to keep our home clean and organized. I wasn’t always so fanatical about cleanliness and order, but its one of those things that I’ve gradually adopted, and there is no turning back.

Here are some of my tips to keep everything in order:

1. Bookends for neat piles. 

We have open shelves in our closet, so if things look sloppy, it’s right in my face. I use the stock standard bookends to keep my stacks of clothes looking tidy. 
I bought a bunch a while ago on Amazon, but I’m sure you can get them at any office store like Staples or Office Max. 
I also use them to keep my purses and clutches upright, so I can easily see my options and grab what I need. 
2. Kitchen Storage that matches your lifestyle

Organize your kitchen so that it makes life easier for you. The things that you use most should be easiest to grab in your pantry, cupboard, drawer, or fridge. That container of kitchen utensils on your counter? Those should be the ones you use the most, so you can reach over and grab them when needed. 
3. Containers and Clips 
Having containers like this creates a “home base” for items in our home. Certain categories of food all have a place and I can see at a glance what we have and what needs to be re-stocked. THESE clips are all over my kitchen! I use them for anything and everything…chips, crackers, cereal, bags of salad, dry goods, frozen foods, basically anything that needs to stay fresh. They create a tight seal and are super durable. 
4. Drawer Organizers for the Win
There is nothing I hate more than not being able to find the certain something I want to wear. These clear compartments from The Container Store give everything a specific place and display everything in a row instead of stacks, so everything is visible at a glance. I’ve always had pretty organized clothing drawers, but the little things like socks and lingerie were a bit messy until I got these in my drawers. Now I have no excuse. 
*If you are a male, shield your eyes….
My first piece of advice for your bathroom drawers is to get tough with yourself and throw away anything you you rarely/never use. After you’ve done that exercise, group things in a logical order and implement some sort of system. 
My nighttime & special occasion make up is in the left hand container, my bareminerals is in the middle (with my 3 “regulars” in the front) and my standard daytime make up is in the right hand container. This makes my make up routine VERY routine and I can typically grab what I need without even glancing down. I also got creative and used the lid of a Tiffany’s box for the middle drawer divider…organized and eco-savvy. 

5. Discipline

You have to commit to it, and make a continual effort to put things back in order. Sometimes I don’t feel like it, but just like anything else, it becomes a habit and now I don’t even think about it. 
I will warn you, it feels good. Once you get a taste of walking into a clean and organized home/room/apt/office, having it any other way will rub you the wrong way. 

Have a helpful organizing tip? Sharing is caring…

What is your most used kitchen utensil?  Probably my measuring spoons or spatula. 

  • Lindsay

    Soooo helpful! My apartment came with very little closet space and storage and it’s been so stressful trying to find places for things. Thanks for posting your recommendations for keeping things looking tidy, I’d never think to use bookends to keep my clothes neat.

  • Traci

    Thanks for sharing! Very informative. I have been looking for those clips everywhere and thanks to you I just ordered a bunch!

  • http://www.veggienextdoor.com/ Diana @ veggienextdoor

    Great post Sierra! I love the few organizing containers I have and should certainly get more of them. I never thought of using bookends for Clothes before – genius!

    And my most used kitchen utensil is probably my Bamboo cutting boards – of all sizes! I have super tiny ones perfect for slicing just an apple or lemon :-)

  • Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    Let’s be roommates. My dream is having everything organized. My husband is hell bent on destroying my dream on a daily basis. I try to keep things in order, but Hurricane Fabian is working against me. Although, you just reminded me that I have a kitchen drawer that needs some organizing that I think I’ll do this weekend. :-)

  • Raychel

    Lusting over all of your organized space! LOVE the bookend idea, would have never thought of that. Thanks for this helpful post!!

  • http://www.changeofpaceforme.com/ Kristen@Change of Pace

    Seriously what is it about organizing that makes me so excited?! Just looking at these pictures makes me happy haha! I love all the little bins :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pepper-Cee/100002983259086 Pepper Cee

    I agree. It’s important to put effort when it comes to organizing your things. Renters should give it their time. I always allot time for organizing at my Dunwoody GA apartments.