Sweater Me

Dressing for the cold weather is a work in progress. I still am figuring it out over here…
Sweater, H&M. Pants, H&M. Boots, Kurt Geiger (UK brand)

H&M is hit or miss with me, but I’ve gotten some fantastic and really affordable pieces there this season. 
Black Cords, AG Jeans. Tank, Target. Sweater, H&M. Bracelet, Links of London. 

I never knew the ingenuity of corduroy pants* until I moved to Chicago. Corduroy pants are approximately 3x as warm as jeans. *Side note about cords….I was teased about wearing cords in 6th grade because someone said that when I wore them, my chubby thighs rubbed together and made a sound (enter impersonation of that person making a sound of corduroy fabric rubbing together). Needless to say, that made me deathly afraid and self-conscious about wearing the fabric for the past fifteen years. Childhood is really fun, right? 

Cashmere Turtle, TSE. Jeans, James Jeans. Boots, Tods. 
This week I had an impromptu girl date with a friend of a friend who I had never met. She was in Chicago for work, and in need of some female bonding….I obliged. Wine and girl talk? my fav. 
When I got the call, I was in yoga pants at my desk with dirty hair and a tight deadline. This outfit is not exciting or anything special, but it is something I can throw on without thought and feel comfortable and confident regardless of the venue. Dry shampoo, spin pins, and a shmear of make up and I was out the door in less than 15 minutes. 
Finally, the outfits that comprise the other 90% of my life (joking…kinda). 
1. normal-ish outfit for Zumba
2. homemade shirt made from this recipe. I don’t know where things went wrong, but the neckhole rides up big time and when I run, it becomes a noose and exposes my stomach. I solved the problem with a creative solution…my fitbit as a clip to my sports bra and a tuck into my pants. Pin that…it’s the next big thing. 
3. Weird
4. Weirder.  (Until I arrive at FLYWHEEL and every second person is rocking the boots +workout capri look) 

Favorite sweater style? I am loving the off the shoulder sweaters this year, but I have plenty of v-necks and cardis

Ridiculous looking workout wear that you love despite the sideways stares?  Compression socks + running skirt. 

  • kelsey

    ohhh where are you taking zumba?? i want to try!

  • Lindsay

    Loving all the outfits! Especially the first two sweaters. They look so comfy.

  • Gingerfoxxx

    I love off the shoulder! it helps balance my mutant body. I am cracking up at the boots/capris – i dress like that to walk the dog after i run sometimes, and always get looks :)

  • ilaxstudio

    I love sweaters with cowlnecks! I am not sure why! I love your H&M ones. And your casual looks too :)

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    Haha my compression socks/sleeves are most definitely my favorite, but they get the weirdest looks.

  • http://twitter.com/foodsweatnbeers Jordan P

    You’re the cutest workout Barbie.

    Sweaters aside, at the gym I go for as much neon as I can all the time. Can’t stop won’t stop.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14329542394229813512 Emma Ruth

    I wear yoga pants, frye boots and a warm sweater to barre and yoga classes as of late. The classes seem to have a fashion competition

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    workout barbie is the new lunchbox. Neon is the new black.

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    I haven’t even tried sleeves, but I can only imagine!

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    I totally agree about off the shoulder. I feel like it hides so many sins and makes my butt look smaller.

  • http://poshpavement.blogspot.com/ Sierra

    ENRGi fitness, I had a Gilt Deal and it was AMAZING!