The Best Flight of My LIfe (Part 2)

Part 1 HERE
Ahh…Where were we? 
We boarded the plane and found our suites. I sat down and got situated and let the procession of service get started. Emirates is distinctively Arab and they start the flight (while on the ground) with Arabic coffee in a decorative pot and tiny cups, and a stewardess offering fancy dates in a gilded candy box. 
Cabin Amenities
After that service, they come through the cabin with additional amenities: A new thing they’ve added is some raffia tote bags (bottom right) to hold all your loot. The bag is complete with sleep suit/PJ’s (the ugliest brown you ever did see), a Bvlgari satin toiletries bag, slippers, eye mask, and ear plugs. The also come through with a silver tray full of magazines and newspapers, followed by a wine list and a large leather dining menu for the flight. It’s basically like Christmas. 

Top Left: Vanity mirror with toiletries and “sniff boxes” to help you wake up or relax
Top Right: Reading Lamp and power outlet
Bottom Left: Universal Remote to operate anything and everything in your suite…lights, massage, chair positions, bed setting, TV, etc…
Bottom Right: Tote stuffed with all my goodies for the flight

There is also this automated mini-bar and pops out on demand. The whole cabin is a really efficient use of space and everything stows away for a neat, safe space.

My husband rocked out the ugly sleep suite and soon enough we were ready for take off. I love watching the take off from the plane’s camera. The take off is sooo smooth on the A380 that you can barely tell when the wheels come off the ground, so I love to watch it live. 
The flying time from Dubai to JFK is something like 14 hours, so sleeping is imperative. The seat has a bed setting that is completely flat, and the armrest flatten, making the bed really wide and spacious. The Emirates attendants provide a turn down service and put your bed together using a soft mattress pad, a fluffy duvet, and a pillow. When you are ready for a sleep, you can close the automated sliding door to your suite and put up the privacy light using your universal remote. 

Believe me…this straight up feels like you are in a proper bed. I put on my eye shade and earplugs and enjoyed a three hour nap.

Food & Wine
When I woke up, it was getting to be lunch time. Since it was a day flight, the cabin service was flexible and you were able to eat anytime. Hot entrees just had to be ordered 30 minutes in advance. Dining in first class on Emirates is like dining at a top restaurant, complete with impeccable service and plenty of courses.

First up, the wine…

Vintage Dom & Vueve (it was New Year’s Eve!) for Champagne selections and a wide array of both whites and reds from around the world. The menus also made wine-food pairing suggestions.

While we looked over the menu, our tray tables were set up and we were served an aperitif and canapes.

salmon-leek mini quiche, corn leek parcel, chicken skewer with peppers

Game on.

First Course: My husband got the Arabic mezze (left) and I got the caviar.  The only thing I love more than Caviar is FREE caviar with a side of FREE vintage champagne.

Second Course: The pasta option was basically a build your own combo with a selection of pasta and sauces and my husband had sun dried tomato ravioli with a four cheese sauce. I wasn’t feeling like a hot entree, so I had a salad with olives, marinated mozzarella, and pine nuts, plus a glass of Pinot Noir from Monterrey. 
I finished up by snacking on a cheese plate and finishing my glass of wine.
Fast forward another 5 hours and we decided to go for round two of the dining extravaganza. 
We both loved our starters so much the first time, that we ordered the same thing. I was really embarrassed to order the caviar twice, but my husband looked at me and said, “Let’s be serious…Do you really think you are the first person to ask for more caviar?” Ya, probably not… I have no shame.

After the caviar, I asked about the mini sweets and she ended up bringing me a little taste of everything. I’m a picture of health…alcohol, caviar, sugar, and coffee.

Looking at my food photos, I realized I didn’t have any main courses, so jokes on me…

My husband is obsessed with port and got all excited to see Graham’s Single Harvest Tawny Port from 1969 on the wine menu. He said it was life-changing… I am a pleb and think tawny port tastes like raisins, so I passed.

Overall, the food was fantastic. If this was a restaurant, I would be back. 
Next up…the infamous shower! 

Do you like port? Most of them are not for me. I do enjoy some dessert wines with cheese, but typically ones with big citrus flavors.

Window or aisle seat when travelling?  Window for me. My husband is a lengthy beast, so he does aisle. 

  • jeny

    I love reading your flight reviews. This IS on my bucket list for sure. What an amazing experience.

  • Lex LB

    Man I wish my life was like yours!

  • Dana

    I could never turn down caviar and champange either! I prefer the aisle but I’m not really picky as long as its not the middle! Bleech!

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    oh my god, it’s JUST LIKE SEX AND THE CITY!!! How cool!!!

  • Pete B

    Was there a treadmill onboard?

  • Bethany

    Man, I cannot get enough of these Emirates reviews you’re posting. I’ve flown international once: Continental coach from Newark to Scotland (well, I guess I did come back, so *technically* I’ve flown international twice), and though Continental didn’t do anything in particular to make it a bad experience, it’s hardly an experience I want to repeat again anytime soon. Basically if you took the opposite of every amenity Emirates provided you guys, that was my flight experience haha. This makes traveling international look like a vacation in and of itself!

  • kilax

    This is so awesome! I would totally have upgraded with my points too! This food seem fancier than some restaurants!

  • Maggie

    I do like some ports (Grahams Six Grapes is the only one I’ve tried and remember liking) but generally I do not like sweet wine so I don’t go for port all that often.

    Also, the best food is often the appetizers and desserts, so I’m not surprised you didn’t order any actual main courses :)

  • Colorado Gal

    I am dying over this plane! It’s flipping nicer than my house :)

  • Traci

    Your flight sounds like a vacation! I will have to tell my Husband he needs to fly Emirates for buisness trips and of course I will have to, as well when I go with him.

  • Jana

    What a flight! I now want to plan a trip just to fly Emirates first class.

  • Sana

    Wow, this flight keeps getting more and more impressive!

  • Amanda Carey

    Amazing! My flight from the FL Keys, to Atlanta, to Chicago was a little less fantastic. :)

  • Nicole


  • Traci N.

    Love your blog, love all the posts! Love all the info about running and also all the fabulous travel! Just thought that I would let you know!

  • Sierra

    Thanks Traci!

  • Sierra

    Seriously…that would be off the charts.

  • Michel@BabyWeightMyFatAss

    Wow! this is amazing!! I flew first class to Hawaii one time and that just blows my mind!!

  • Jordan P

    If there’s one thing I think of when I look at you, it’s “What a Plebe.”

  • Sierra

    plebe is the new “lunchbox”