The Best Flight of My Life (Part 3)

I’m dragging this out, I know…

Part 1 HERE: Upgrading with Miles & The First Class Lounge 
Part 2 HERE: Swag, Food, and Wine

Official flying time from Dubai to JFK is 14 hours and 20 minutes. Obviously, I needed to be entertained. One can only eat so much champagne and caviar

Since I was traveling with my husband, I knew I wanted to have a drink with him in the bar at the back of the business class cabin. I have flown alone on the Emirates A380 quite a few times by myself, and I’ve avoided the bar because it’s not something I would do on my own. I used to see couples sitting and having a drink and think how fun it must be to do that with your spouse.

After our nap, I leaned over and asked my cabin mate for a date. He obliged and we took a mini stroll to the back of the place to the bar and lounge.

quality photos from HERE
sub-par photos taken in cognito from my iphone. 

We didn’t feel like alcohol, but we had some diet coke (busted) and sparking water while the Purser (I didn’t know this word until about 3 years ago ) came over and chatted with us for a while. We also witnessed an intruder! A drunk young fellow from the economy cabin had made his way up the stairs and was asking for Hennessey.  It totally reminded me of this scene from Bridesmaids

Overall, it was a nice little break from sitting in our seats and provided a mini change of scenery. 
The other activity I utilized during the 14 plus hours was TV series and Internet. I think the Internet is a new feature, and it cost $10. It wasn’t great (I couldn’t upload photos) and pages took a long time to load, but we were flying at 30K feet….so I cut it some slack. 
Um, they also monitor content and I got caught for looking at inappropriate content.
Don’t you dare try to look up slang. 
I also watched my fair share of TV, mainly Modern Family and Friends. There was tons of movie options, but nothing that kept my attention. 
Finally, the most ridiculous and over the top amenity: The Shower Spa. Actually, Shower Spas…plural. The first class cabin has two shower spas at the front of the cabin, complete with their own attendant. At the beginning of the flight, they come by your seat and ask if you would like a shower during the flight. 
I am all about capitalizing on the benefits of the upgrade, but for some reason this makes me a little nervous. I keep telling myself next time I have to try it, but when the time rolls around, I just don’t do it. I love a shower (I typically shower in the lounge whenever I have access), but showering with turbulence and being naked in a small room for an extended period of time makes me feel uptight. 
All the being said, I am still impressed by the full on bathroom that they put on an aircraft. Everything is cleverly designed and uber-luxurious. 

Ya, next time…
I can honestly say that I loved every minute of those 14+ hours. I was a little sad to leave the lap of luxury and disembark at JFK. Overall, it was a very special New Years Eve and a perfect way to end our Mauritius holiday. 

*Want to see better photos than mine? LOOK HERE.

Would you shower at 30K feet? 

Are you tired of hearing about this already? Back to normal sub-par, random blog post  soon. Despite dreaming of my first class cabin, I have actually been cooking some tasty meals and getting my butt in gear. 

Seen anything crazy (like a drunk intruder) on a plane?  

  • Dana

    Ummm yea, dont think I would want to shower in the place. I’m all for showering in the lounge though.

  • Colorado Gal

    Seriously, being on a flight like this would spoil me for every flight the rest of my life!

  • Christina

    OMG What happens if the fasten your seat belt sign comes on when you are in the shower, naked?? Is there a seat belt in the shower? hhah

  • ilaxstudio

    Bummer to hear the wifi was so slow. I am really hoping all planes get speedy wifi soon… and make it cheap. Ha ha ha.

  • Msherwoodftl

    on a flight to paris i saw a drunk girl flash her boobs at a drunk married guy. sidenote- the drunk married guy had given up his first class seat to move back and sit with these two drunk chicks, while talking about his wife and kids. and got rewarded with boob. it was seriously bizzare but made for some good in-flight entertainment.

  • Kelly Janowski

    I would have taken a shower, for sure. And no, I’m totally not sick of this yet!

    My best air-travel gone wrong story? I took the first flight out from Washington, D.C., to Chicago on Thanksgiving one year. The guy in front of my was still incredibly wasted (I think it left at 5 a.m.) and puked the whole way, much to the chagrin of his wife. Worst two hours ever.

  • Sierra

    like so cheap it’s free

  • Sierra

    barfing totally ruins a flight. I once sat on a strangers lap when the lady next to me started puking

  • Sierra

    this wins.

  • Sierra

    My point exactly….

  • ilaxstudio

    Yes. I would totally pay $5 for internet for an hour and a half flight! On my flights this weekend I read Fifty Shades of Grey. Eww.

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    OH MY GOD I know I sound like a 14 year old but this really is exactly like Sex & The City. Which obviously I should expect since they flew on that airline, but it’s so weird to see it in person. Well, you know what I mean.

  • Ross Taylor

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