Easy Goals for the Week

Happy Friday! I know you guys have been missing that. 

This week has super busy and has flown by. So far,  I’ve kept on schedule with my training….
Notice the outfit? Obviously….I hit up the treadmill. The joys of having a fitness center in your building. 
My eating plan has loosened up a little, but I definitely had a slip up meal yesterday. Exhibit A: 

Almond butter for lunch. I don’t consider myself a “stress eater”, but I had a headache, a ton of work to get through, and this damn almond butter was delicious. Obviously, it could of been worse…

I had two goal this week. Nothing big time…just low hanging fruit that I have been putting off, and I just needed to commit to.

1. BUST OUT my heart rate monitor and USE it! Novelty, right?

Before I ran and got a Garmin, I had a Polar heart rate monitor that I used religiously. When I got my Garmin, I also bought the heart rate strap, but never used it. LAME. Your body gives you feedback…listen!  
Today was the day, I finally set it up and took it out on my 7 miler. More details to come once I get the hang of it, but at least I took the first step. 

2. Cook a roast in my Le Creuset (random, right?). It’s winter, it’s cold, and it’s something that we often used to have on Sundays when we lived in Cape Town. I want to do something that cooks for like 6 hours and is super tender and delicious.  I want to do beef (I’ve never done it before), but my husband is  asking for lamb. Please send over or link and recipes you have. I’m thinking Sunday…

What is the difference between pot roast and beef roast? Is there a bone? I didn’t grow up eating meat, so I am kinda clueless with cuts of meat. 

Do you use a heart rate monitor? How did you calculate your “zones”?  

  • http://twitter.com/ApplesArteries Nicole

    I have never used a monitor–in general, I gauge how I’m feeling.

    I’m not an expert at cooking meat…I always have to read about 20 recipes before I settle on how to cook it!

  • http://twitter.com/ApplesArteries Nicole

    PS I bet if you ask the butcher at the store where you buy the meat, they can give you good tips.