Scenes from Superbowl Weekend

Did I ever tell you we don’t own a car? Yep, clap it up for this eco-savvy girl (Once upon a time I had a Prius too!)
We have seamlessly gone from a two car family in Cape Town to a zero car family in Chicago. Our solution? ZipCar. 
Saturday we booked a zip car all day and whizzed around the city running errands. After breakfast, of course…

We were looking for a new place to try in Bucktown on our way to Costco and Yelp lead up to Toast Two. We shared some pancakes and a breakfast burrito and loved the cute neighborhood feel of the place. The tables are super close to each other, and the staff was so nice. I don’t know what is up with their French Toast, but everyone seemed to be ordering it and it looks NOTHING like French Toast.

Next Stop. Costco.

It was a stupid decision to go to Costco the day before the Superbowl. Everyone in Chicago was there and had approximately 7 children. Our loot? TP, Chicken, Organic greens, cinnamon, advil, Fage, strawberries, popchips, oversized picture frames (impulse purchase), and the best BEST flowers.

Other errands included Road Runner Sports and Crate & Barrel…I have my priorities.

Sunday started off with snow, 8 miles, donuts, and finally picking up our friends and packing them in the back seat.

This is our favorite pizza in the city (I will do a full review soon, Jordan did a review HERE when she visited). 

See that vase? Crate & Barrel. Obsessed! It reminded me of a pineapple and I had to grab two.

I made a mini batch of funfetti dip based on this recipe. I have been wanting to make it forever, but I needed to make it for an event where I would have to act like a normal person and not take it to the face with a spoon. I have “a thing” for Cool Whip, but it is a chemical ladened sugar bomb, so it’s a real treat.

Silly me also made a salad and a homemade basil dressing. I quickly learned that salad is blackballed on Superbowl Sunday. I’m not mad, more for me. 

Kelsey taught me how to make homemade croutons and now I can’t stop! 

There was a friendly wager on the game and guess who won?

Yep. The girl who decorated for a Superbowl Party with white roses. Go Figure. 

Favorite thing you ate on Superbowl Sunday? 

Anyone else make the transition to being car-free? Do you love it? I hate driving and I hate pumping gas even more, so it’s a dream come true. 

  • kelsey

    Nom nom nom gimmie them croutons! My favorite is still when you texted me around 10:00 PM on a Monday night asking me for the crouton recipe…and then 40 min later getting a text saying how amazing they were. I love that you made them so late on a Monday.

    They are addicting that’s for sure! Max hasn’t had that pizza and he has had a ton of pizza in Chicago! Where is it at??

  • Kim

    I went from the Midwest where everybody (outside of Chicago at least) has a car, and I had an SUV, to England where it is really common not to drive at all (which I find very strange). But no driving = no car. My fiance and I share a car now, but I didn’t drive for 2 years and I found it to be REALLY hard without the freedom of a car. But they are all small cars over here, so it’s okay, right? :-)

  • Katie

    I’ve been car free since high school (almost 8 years now) and I’m so tired of it. I’d probably not mind it so much if I could afford zip car, but I just hate asking people to borrow their cars. I just want the freedom of jumping into my car and going to the store/gym/whatever.

  • Nancy

    I also love that vase. I must be subliminally interested in pineapple things as well, since last year I bought 3 mini-pineapple holders for candles at B&BW, and then this Christmas I bought myself another pineapple themed thing for my desk.

    Love how much daylight you get in your place. Makes for some pretty nice pictures!

  • Erin @ Loop Looks

    Jason and I went from two cars to one car in late 2012. I didn’t think I’d be okay with it but, surprisingly, I am! We just have to remember to schedule who’s taking the car when and even now we still forget. Thankfully most places I HAVE to be can be accessed by public transit.

  • Carly @ Createlive

    I think in Wicker Park! Next to Forever Yogurt (swoon) and CrossFit, which is in the old Real World Chicago house. Many good things on one corner…

  • Carly @ Createlive

    CostCo at the same time and we both bought those white roses. Also, the views from your apartment look unreal! :)

  • Bruna Rodrigues

    We did! We used to live in São Paulo, where public transportation is neither reliable nor safe, traffic is plain chaos… and I hate driving, I just think it’s a waste of time (I could read if I had the choice to take the subway!!!). So not having a car, being able to walk everywhere and a reliable public transportation system is a dream come true to me!

  • Lori

    I was at Costco on Friday and it was a madhouse then, too. My favorite Super Bowl food: Buffalo Chicken Dip. I can eat that stuff by the bowlful.

  • Bethany

    Crate and Barrel is one of the most dangerous stores in Chicago as far as I’m concerned. Every time I go there I want to buy absolutely EVERYTHING.

  • Lindsay

    Wow, kudos for going motor-free. That’s really awesome. I have a car, but I bike to work every day. I probably only fill my car with gas every few weeks. SUCH a blessing since gas prices are redic!

  • Nicole

    Even when I lived in Chicago I always had a car…and paid to rent a parking spot. I used it for grocery shopping/errands on weekends but mainly needed it to drive to visit family. I figured the bus/train wasn’t going to let my dog on with me for the trip back to WI!

  • Sarah Wright-Gaul

    I am anti Cool Whip as well – but I found a great substitute -Tru Whip – Our Earth Fare and Whole Foods carry it. It is so good and a great alternative for recipes!

  • Lauren @ Sugar Coated Sisters

    Wait a second…. is that a golf game you’re watching or the Super Bowl? ;) I’ve only been car-less for one summer (study abroad London) and I loved it! Walking everywhere was such a great exploring opportunity. Now that I live close to work, I really should ride my bicycle more often. I’m a whimp in this low 40s morning weather though…. can’t wait until Spring!

  • Christina @ The Athletarian

    Okay not only do we need to go eat donuts when I come to Chicago, now we have to have pizza and pancakes too!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    I wish I could be carefree but I need my car for work. It would just take too long for me to get around with public transit!

  • Kim

    I love Piece!!!! At Toast they have stuffed french toast and it is AMAZING. I love the mascarpone stuffed French Toast the most. Loving those flowers…I got some from Trader Joe’s the other day and they died in one day :/ What the crap.

  • Livehalffull

    I love Piece!!! My husband bought me tulips at Mariano’s two weeks ago and they are still going strong! And, I absolutely loved not having a car while living in Chicago. The only thing that sucked was grocery shopping, but it helped me get stronger! :)

  • Lindsay

    So we’re thinking of moving up to Bucktown right near Toast. Obviously we’ll have to check it out.

    Giving up my car when I moved to Chicago was really scary, I brought it with me my first year but after realizing I was basically paying to park it, I drove it back to Michigan and left it there. I don’t really miss it at all…

  • Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    Funfetti DIP. OMG. Life = changed.