His & Hers Pizza

His: dough ball from Trader Joe’s
Hers: first attempt at cauliflower crust (cauliflower, egg, coconut flour, spices, Parmesan cheese, spices, coconut milk)

Topping Selection:
His: tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni
Hers: Left side: red bell pepper, pesto, goat cheese. Right side: sautéed spinach, onions, and garlic with mozzarella

The money shots..

I cannot wait to make a cauliflower crust pizza again.

Who has tried this? convert?

Do you eat the same thing as your spouse every night for dinner?

  • http://twitter.com/lovalatte1 Emily

    I love this his and hers pizza – great idea! My husband and I do not eat the same thing every night, but I’d say most week nights are the same.

  • Gingerfoxxx

    I’ve always been afraid to try cauliflower crust because its the one veggie i hate, but your pizza looks even tastier! (no offense to his!)

  • Lara Greenblatt

    HI, I make it all the time, love it, healthy & delicious

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.janowski1 Kelly Janowski

    Mmmm, I love cauliflower crust! We don’t usually eat the same thing for dinner because we’re usually eating at different times. We we are eating together, I’m usually craving something different than he is. Last night, he had General Tso’s Chicken and I had tilapia, for example.

  • E @ The Elliptical Chronicles

    I have tried a few substitutions using cauliflower, and I’ve really enjoyed them, but I haven’t tried cauliflower crust yet. I’ve heard great things, though! And your pizza looks great :)

    I frequently eat separately from my husband – either we want different things or he comes home from work much later than my dinner time :P

  • http://twitter.com/foodsweatnbeers Jordan P

    Love the Cauliflower Crust. Now all I need is to root my food processor from storage to actually made it again. Living alone nowadays, I eat ANYTHING I WANT. Which is, for the most part, very similar to what I used to eat living with a partner.