I’m 19 again

What prompted the title? Well, mostly my skin. You would think the area above my eyebrows belongs to a 16 year old boy. I’m usually pretty relaxed about my skin, but this is an exceptional breakout. I had my eyebrows done on Thursday and something seriously agitated my skin and it’s decided to rebel with a full blown dose of acne. 
Another reason I’m feeling all college-y? I’m leaving on Spring Break tonight. How weird does that sound when you are married and past the age of 21? Pretty weird. 
Also weird? a bikini that matches your bedding. 
I embraced my inner teenager last night with Barre Bee Fit‘s Britney extravaganza…
Kim and I met up for the fun event and left with moves like Britney (pre-umbrella incident). I highly recommend the event and rumor has it there are plenty more on the books for Spring. It’s also a great workout (remember was Britney looked like in 2001?
Finally, I got all rebellious and pulled one of these on the way to the movies (although I was probably more enthralled with eating candy when I was 19)
I guess the luster is lost when you are far past the legal drinking age and the movie theatre you’re attending serves alcohol. I may have thought I was being cool, but now that I think about it, I was really just being cheap. 
Now off to pack…
  • Meghan

    I so need to check out one of the BBF dance sessions! I bet I’d look completely foolish in the process, but I am sure it’s a blast! Have an amazing spring break, lady!

  • Bitsy @ Bit By Bit

    Cutest bathing suit! Where is it from? Please enjoy your spring break for me, never too old for beaches and pina coladas! Also, when I have a rash, I like to soak a paper towel in milk and place it on the irritated area. It helps so much!

  • Carly Taylor

    Gah. I’ve had a similar skin thing going on… like why is my skin worse suddenly in my 20s than it was at 16? I don’t get it. Humph.
    Have fun on Spuhrinnnnnnnnng Buhreeeeeeeeeeeeeeak!

  • Alisa

    I always get that – I just ask my waxer not to use any lotions after. I always end up looking angry (red acne above my eyebrows = no fun). She usually just pats on some cool water; I might be a little red when I walk out of the salon, but it’s better than breaking out for a few weeks after I get my eyebrows done.

  • http://twitter.com/foodsweatnbeers Jordan P

    Having just gone on my first grad school Spring Break, the appeal is not lost despite being 25. Can’t say no to sun and sand and coconuts.

    My 16 year old sister has better skin than I do. I’ll assume I’m getting a little Benjamin Button lately.

  • Livehalffull

    Did you get your eyebrows waxed? Waxing usually makes my skin breakout so I’ve been getting mine threaded for years. I’m obsessed!