I’m an Ikea Hacker

Shameless Self Promotion…

This Article? I’m #9.

When I showed my husband the article, he responded with, “There I am”. 

Everyone is looking at the furniture and this guy only has eyes for one thing. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Do you see the white desk with the gold legs in the article? I did a similar Ikea hack that I have been meaning to post. My only obstacle? That would involve clearing off my desk and styling it for a photo.

This was my desk a couple months ago….

Now I have the prints hung up and a nice ghost chair, but I still have a couple things I want to do before I show you the AFTER.

Hold me to it…internet peer pressure works wonders.

Ikea Fans? Haters? I feel like it’s a necessary part of growing up and starting out. Furniture is expensive and Ikea knows what’s up. 

What’s your favorite hack from the article?  That black and gold bookcase…NEED! 

  • Pete B

    That is very cool. Congrats on being famous. That is a very cool hack!

  • http://www.dont-look-down.com/ Alyssa @ Don’t Look Down

    You’re famous!
    I’m not crazy about Ikea but only because I dislike that it is usually super busy when I am there. I am in desperate need of more furniture and decor in my apartment so I should hit it up again.

  • My Life As a Plate ***

    That turned out GREAT!!! Such an improvement.

  • http://skinnyrunner.com/ skinnyrunner

    You’re famous! I love the way your drawers turned out, so classy.

  • http://looplooks.net/ Erin @ Loop Looks

    My parents did something similar with the Akurum Cabinets in their condo. Turning them into a buffet by mounting them lower on the wall. Your hacks, though, are way better :-)

  • jl

    Congrats! You must be so proud!