I’ve Come a Long Way

5-10 years ago…
If someone was to tell me I would love running, I would roll my eyes. No, not me. 
I never, EVER thought I would run more than a couple miles
I never, EVER thought I would run a half marathon
I never, EVER thought I would be able to run a marathon. 
Obviously, things change. It starts with a change in your mindset, and reality has a way of falling in line. 
Today, something else happend…I ran in the snow, while it was snowing. This is another shocker. Half way through the run, I realized how far I’ve come. 
Even when I started running, I did 90% of it in our home gym, on a treadmill, with controlled temperature, a bathroom, TV’s, music…the works. I earned that “posh” title. 
This probably isn’t a big deal for most of you seasoned runners, but today I felt like a hard-core runner. The runners were far and few between, but we exchanged a wave, a nod, some mutual sense of respect for being out there. 

7.12 Miles – 1 hour, 7 minutes – 9:24 average pace. Super annoying wind the last 3 miles.

Am I bragging? I think so. I’ve spent a lot of my life being critical of myself, and I’m working on being my biggest fan. Self-love is pretty awesome, I highly recommend it.

Thought for the day…

Yep. Life starts when you start pushing your comfort zone. Life has big things in store for all of us….go get it.

Hit me with something your proud of. Go ahead…be your biggest fan! 

  • http://twitter.com/higheeledrunner Brooke

    Way to go girl!! That is awesome! And keep the self love coming :)

  • http://www.magmilerunner.com/ Maggie

    I try to talk a big game about running the cold only so I have to follow through and do it myself. Some days it is really really hard to get out there when it’s cold and snowy and windy and dark and etc. So you should feel hardcore!!

  • Bethany

    Nice work! I think it’s fantastic that you got out there even though the weather wasn’t perfect. I know for me, there’s not much that makes me feel like a more serious runner than heading out in less-than-ideal weather and still logging my miles. I also think it’s a good thing to do when training for a race, because you never know how good/bad the weather might be on race day! (Although it’s hopefully a safe bet that it won’t snow on May 5 ;) )

  • Allyssa Munroe

    I used to have to run in the snow when I was in college (just south of Chicago!). I wasn’t much of a real runner back then but my hatred for the treadmill does go way back to those times. And I really think my current foot strike of mid-foot instead of heel striking goes back to those years of not wanting to hit a slick icy spot and wipe out. Somehow landing mid-foot seemed more stable and easy to recover from?

    Now, some 11 years later, I’m back where I grew up on the southern gulf coast of Florida. To compare to your proud moment I can say mine is that I train and run in the intense heat as a norm. When I hear people talk about their “hot” race conditions up north or even recently when the Disney marathon posted “heat warnings” because the high for that day was 82 I had to laugh. I do 90% of my running in temps over 80! I really only know running to be a hot sweat fest.

  • Pete B

    Great job. I am jealous. I want to run the Trail again!

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    Um, you ARE pretty freaking awesome.

  • Lynzie

    Kudos to you! I wake up daily, stare at my outdoor running gear and then decide the gym has a treadmill calling my name

  • http://looplooks.net/ Erin @ Loop Looks

    Yay!! I’m glad you went out there today. I gave it and did the treadmill before work because it was dark and the radio said it was icy. How was it really out there??

  • ilaxstudio

    Please brag away! I love hearing about some self-love! And you know you are hardcore when you don’t see many runners out!

  • Bryn

    Loved this post! I appreciate how you keep it real and are always shedding a positive light on things. And I think it’s great you’ve turned into a runner! Best :)

  • Carly

    The wind was terrible today– I’m really impressed you were out there in it!

  • CateGoodForYou

    You definitely deserve the right to brag about such an awesome run! It feels great to get out there and finish a run in extreme temps – nice job :)

  • RunTraveler

    Nice job!
    PS – If you run. You are a runner. You don’t need to run in snow to prove it… BUT… All the same, it does feel really hardcore to run in awful weather, doesn’t it??? Keep up the good work!