Over Easy Cafe

I post a lot about breakfast. It’s my thing. 
I’m a morning person, I’m an egg lover, and I can put away some serious coffee. Naturally, breakfast is a highlight for me. 
I cook some pretty delicious breakfasts at home, but on weekends, we explore Chicago’s AM hotspots. Naturally, I take photos and write Yelp reviews (follow mine HERE) and share my experiences on this little blog. The best part comes when people comment and tell me about another place that are amazing/better/the best/I will love. I then tell my husband, “Everyone on the blog says place XYZ is the best, we have to go”. He rolled his eyes the first time, but after a couple big discoveries, he is digging the recommendations from blog readers. His new response, “What did your people say was good?”. I don’t know if “my people” are friends/readers/bloggers/fellow Yelp reviewers, but I do know that “my people” know what’s up. 
When I posted about a disappointing breakfast at m.henry, I got quite a few comments and tweets about Over Easy up in Ravenswood. I looked up the Yelp reviews and it looked awesome. 

Obviously, I had to audit the breakfast situation for myself. We drove up North and found this little neighborhood gem. We got there pretty early (8:30ish) and there was a short 10 minute wait. They had a little coffee station set up at the entrance that makes the wait a whole lot more bearable.

First of all, the menu here is a winner. I wanted a tasting menu so I could have a bite of everything. My husband rarely wavers from his standard eggs-bacon-pancake combo, but even he said he wanted multiple dishes on the menu. After seeing a neighboring table order the Sassy Eggs, he had to do it.

I went with one of the special omelets that had some special sausage I forgot the name of (similar to chorizo), spinach, feta, and grilled onions. The manager came over and explained the dish and some of the other specials. It was a perfect combo of flavors and I added from guac from my husband’s dish to cut the bold flavors.

My dish was very good, but it did not compare to the Sassy Eggs. I actually was quite content with my choice, until I had a bite of my husband’s plate. Then the scale shifted. Sassy Eggs win: runny yolks, mexican flavors, and guac. <—how can you go wrong?
Over Easy has really amazing weekly specials with unique ingredients and combinations that rotate frequently. They post them online HERE so that you can take a look and see what is on the menu that is new and exciting. 
I would also like to add that the staff here is REALLY friendly and accommodating. I cannot wait to go back. It’s a bit of a trek from the Loop, but it’s worth it. 
Thanks for ALL the recommendations that you guys email or post in the comments section. I love your advice and guidance! 

What meal of the day is your favorite? 

What breakfast menu item always jumps out at you? I really like Mexican or dishes with spicy ingredients. I also have a soft spot for spinach-cheese combos. 

  • http://twitter.com/lovalatte1 Emily

    I love breakfast!!! I wake up most days excited to eat! When it comes to breakfast pancakes normally jump out at me – all varieties. For dinners, I love trying new kinds of veggie burgers and always with sweet potato fries!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1400610 Lauren Wong

    Those sound delish! I am definitely more of a savory person for breakfast, and happen to enjoy breakfast sandwiches. Over Easy sounds like a place worth trekking up to Ravenswood for!

  • http://twitter.com/runnaroundd Lindsay Edwordz

    I love that they have coffee while you’re waiting – that’s a really great idea. Breakfast looked great!

  • Cori @olivetorun

    Wow! Either you have a great camera or that food really does look that good!
    My favorite meal is dinner since that’s the only time I sit down with my husband to eat.
    For me I’m a big sushi/asian or Mexican food lover so dishes that related to either of those are right up my alley.

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    now I want to go there!!!

  • http://www.hungrymeetshealthy.com/ Christina

    i’ve been eating so many eggs. love them. i want to make mine sassy.

  • CateGoodForYou

    Yay so glad you went and liked it! :) The Sassy Eggs are definitely a favorite, but pretty much everything is good there! I love the creative specials they come up with every week too.
    It is not that far from me and I find myself visiting a lot!

  • http://twitter.com/ApplesArteries Nicole

    Have you been to Feast? http://feastrestaurant.com/index.php I used to go there every weekend when I lived down the block. So it has been a while since I’ve eaten there but it was always really good!

  • Pete B

    I live a few blocks away and haven’t been there in a couple of years! Thanks for reminding me how awesome it is, I will have to go back! Maybe a blogger meetup?

  • Mary Eliza

    While I am a morning person, I am not always a big fan of breakfast but this all looks delicious! Those Sassy Eggs sound incredible!!

  • Carly

    I’m a big brunch person too– have you tried Elly’s Pancake House yet? It’s bomb.com and their pancakes are awesome. I like my egg yolks pretty runny and I have yet to be disappointed. And it’s really inexpensive! It would be an easy run from the loop– on North and Clark.