Runs Well with Others

Week 5…Done and dusted.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Typically my spinning class, but since I had blood testing this week (which I stayed conscious for), I had to refrain from exercise for 48 hours prior to the test. This meant Tuesday was an additional rest day with a valid excuse. 
Wednesday: 4 Miles on the treadmill, mixed up the speed with minute intervals. 
Thursday: 7 Miles on the lakefront path. The weather wasn’t ideal, but I grew a pair and braved the cold. 
Friday: 4 Miles on the Treadmill. I randomly mixed up speed depending on my music, but I kept the 3rd mile at an 8 mile pace. I read somewhere that doing one “magic mile” at a speedier pace is pretty effective for lazy people that are not disciplined with speed work (me). 

Treadmill made bearable by FitRadio. If you have not downloaded this, you are not winning at life. Top 40 and Party are my favorite stations and it makes running 93,247x more enjoyable. I’ve done independent research and it’s factual. 
Saturday: Since I had a rest day Tuesday, I organized a run on Saturday morning with fellow blogger Meghan from The Perfect Compilation Tape. I realized she lives super close to me and is also training for a marathon. Obviously, we are meant for each other. 
We were bad bloggers and didn’t take a picture, but we ran 6 chatty miles and ended up at brunch. She even showed me the ropes of riding the bus (my first time!). Luckily, I documented our running date with a pic monkey collage and some social media exchanges. 
Sunday: I decided to tag along with Erin for her long run. Maybe I invited myself… 

Gosh, I’m a great communicator. Anyways, I met her bright and early on Sunday and pounded out 14 miles.

14 miles isn’t my PDR, but it’s getting close. I think next week’s 16 miler will be a milestone.

please note my huge head on the left. I had a re-take to make our heads look comprable. 

Total Miles for the Week: 35.28

  • Maggie

    LOL at the last picture. I have a big head too. Makes it hard to buy hats.

  • Ashley

    Great training week! I need to join you guys for a weekend run along the lake. I haven’t ventured over there yet but it’s so close so there shouldn’t’ be any excuses.

  • Lindsay

    Awesome week! Way to get out there on Thursday, I definitely ran on the treadmill.

  • Allyssa Munroe

    Yay for the upcoming PDR! I felt great following my 18 miler during marathon training (my 1st) but it was 20 that took me down. Get your stuff ready for post-run ice baths because they really help and feel good on the sore tired legs. Also epsom salt baths make the legs feel better and refresh the muscles. I started doing those two things after any run of 15 miles or more.

  • kilax @ ilaxSTUDIO

    Yay! Training is going so well! Isn’t running with other bloggers the best?!
    I have been trying to meet up with Meghan and actually took this Friday off so
    we can finally catch up! LOL!
    Almost to a new PDR! AHH! Exciting!!!

  • Pete B

    Looks like an awesome week. I need to find someone to run with occasionally. It makes the time go by faster.

  • Alyssa @ Don’t Look Down

    I think I have a normal sized head, but Matt’s head/face is really small so I have to make sure I am even or behind him in pictures. Otherwise it looks like I have a giant head.
    I need to start running with more people. I start talking to myself after 12 miles because I am bored.

  • Erin @ Loop Looks

    I DO have a little tiny head. You can blame it on me :-)

    I’m totally impressed with your overall mileage this week. Great job! And it looks like I’ll be doing 18 on Sunday if you want to tag along again :-)

  • Carly @ Createlive

    Very impressive! Looks like you’re enjoying the mileage :) Keep it up!

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    awesome week! I’m glad you got to run with other people, that always makes the time fly!

  • Mary Eliza

    I am impressed with those runs in the snow! I’m training for a half in South Carolina and I only did the treadmill last week. I’m a total wimp in the cold. :)

  • Meghan

    I was thinking about that yesterday – I can’t believe we didn’t take pictures! AHHHH! Anyway, I am so glad we finally met up! We need to do it again. And take pics. And drink some wine? :) Hope you had a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  • Kim

    FitRadio = Mind. Blown.

  • Amy B @ Second City Randomness

    I can’t wait until I’m less of a pansy and start running on the lakefront again… I used to run into Meghan on occasion out there!

  • Liz Slater

    New follower. I ran my first race in November the Hot Chocolate 15k and I haven’t been able to force myself back out in the cold as much as I miss running. Hopefully your posts can help me get motivated.

  • Christina

    I love running buddies because it makes the miles go by faster! Looks like your are doing really well with your marathon training plan. I am so excited to see how you will do :). I have never heard of fitradio but I am going to download it because I get super bored on the treadmill.

  • CateGoodForYou

    Nice week of training! Running with someone else is always a good motivator to get out there too!