Low Sugar/Low Carb and Worth Mentioning

I am not going to pretend that I have been following my eating plan, because I haven’t.  My life got crazy and following a regimented eating plan went on the back burner. What I can say is that I have greatly reduced grains and sugar in my diet and I have embraced fat.

Since I have sought out reduced and no sugar items, I have been label obsessed. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners, but also avoid sugary drinks, so sometimes options are limited. I am constantly on the lookout for stevia and naturally sweetened items with solid nutritionals.

Feel Natural Energy contacted me and send over some samples for me to try. They are naturally sweetened, 15 calories per can, carbonated, and a pack a blast of caffeine for energy.

I loved the mango passionfruit, the raspberry lemonade was good, and the wild berry was not my favorite. I loved having this sparkling drink in the middle of my day for a boost and I will definitely be on the look out for the orange passionfruit flavor. 

Crispy, crunchy snacks without lots of carbs? I bought these Just the Cheese snacks on a whim when I ordered some health food and vitamins online from Vitacost.com and they are awesome. The serving size is small, but they are a perfect little crunchy snack and the Jalapeno packs some heat. 
Finally, Quest Bars. I usually buy the cashew coconut flavor, but last time I decided to try the sampler pack and I loved so many of the flavors. Eventually, I went ahead and ordered the Vanilla Almond Crunch. 
The texture is extra chewy (which I happen to like), but the nutrition is really where this bar stands out from the rest. 20g of protein, no added sugar, all natural, no gluten, low carb. I’m not a big nutritional bar person, but these are ALWAYS in my house to pack in my bag for traveling or throw in my purse when I am out and about. 

What is your favorite nutritional bar? 

What do you eyes scan for MOST when you look at a nutritional label? 

  • Catherine Crain

    I recently bought some Quest bars and I’m excited to try them! I also love LUNA (pretty processed but so delish) and KIND bars! :)

  • Machomoco

    What is your favorite nutritional bar? I don’t really pick them up. I do have some nature valley bars to eat as a snack.

    What do you eyes scan for MOST when you look at a nutritional label? Low sugar, high carbs

  • http://twitter.com/cmcoving Caitlin Covington

    I bought a ton of Quest bars the other day at GNC! So far I’ve really liked the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor. Love how much protein is packed in each bar!

  • http://fitsize30.blogspot.com/ Monica

    I love quest bars too! Their coconut cashew flavor is yummmmy!

  • Ush

    Those bars are EXACTLY what I have been looking for! You just convinced me to order a sampler pack.

  • http://looplooks.net/ Erin @ Loop Looks

    Dang. I really wanted to try those Quest bars but I don’t do sucralose.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexandria.strielkauskas Alexandria Strielkauskas

    I personally love thinkthin’s high protein bars.The bars have 20g protein, no sugar and are gluten free!