Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Bacon Breakfast

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings, I had 5AM wake up calls. 

Saturday was a training run with CARA
Sunday was an early start for our trip down to Indianapolis...

Monday's Memorial Day called for a leisurely morning. My husband brought me coffee in bed, I spent some time going over my gratitude exercises for the day, and I stayed in my robe until an embarrassing hour.

Then the big question arrived...brunch. In or out? Actually, we've created a new category, so the question is now, In, Out, or Donuts? 

I love going out to breakfast and brunch, but I also fancy the humble meals that I put together...

You see that bacon? I discovered a new secret way to cook it. Maybe it's not a secret, but it has been a game-changer for our little family.  

Problem: The weekend rolls around and my husband suddenly gets a craving for bacon. Me, being a bacon liker, but not lover, am pretty indifferent about bacon. One thing I am not indifferent about is cleanliness. Cooking bacon on the stove top is messy and I have better things to do on my weekend than scrub down the stove top. This usually ends in a bacon-less breakfast, or going out to a fabulous Chicago brunch spot. My inner clean freak squashes my husband's request for bacon. 

Solution: Cooking bacon in the oven! I made this little bacon contraption with a cooking rack layered over a cookie pan with a ledge. I put the bacon in the oven at 375 for about 8 minutes and check it, depending on the thickness, I crank up the heat to 400 and finish it off for a remaining minute or two. When it's nice and crispy, I lay it on a towel to get rid of the excess oil and then serve. NO MESS bacon that is perfectly flat and crispy.

Maybe people have been doing this for years, but I recently discovered it and I think it's a great solution. 

I look for nitrate free bacon and this one is great

Bacon is back...

Did you know about this bacon cooking method?

Anything you hate cooking because it caused such a mess? Cauliflower always seems to get everywhere, and I hate all the crumbs that shoot all over the counter when I cut up crusty bread. Scrubbing a pot after I make chili also doesn't score high on my favorites. 


Carly @ Createlive said...

When you say "gratitude exercises," are you going through a book or something? I've done a few but am looking for one that has daily exercises. Where do you get yours?

Lindsay said...

Yes -- cauliflower! I chopped some this weekend and it went everywhere. Haven't figured out an easy way to cut up that baby yet.

Nancy said...

I hate cauliflower crumbs too!

As for bacon - I'm a bacon lover and I ended up cooking an entire package of it last night. Once cooked and grease is toweled off, I store it in a ziploc baggie in the fridge for my Boyf & I to grab a slice or two each morning. So delicious.

Jen said...

i LOVE the oven baking method of cooking bacon. my issue is less clean up from bacon and more not wanting my house/clothes to smell like bacon for the rest of the day!

Sierra said...

not fun, right? I chop it in my vitamix, but it still gets everywhere

Sierra said...

I use the book "The Magic"....you should get it, it's amazing!

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