My sister got the height AND the musical gene

(Continuing with my weekend in California…)
After brunch, it was time to head to my little hometown of Santa Cruz for the main event. My wildly talented and gorgeous younger sister was the lead (Sister Sarah Brown) in Guys and Dolls at her high school and opening night demanded my presence. I met up with my mom (looking all sorts of cute in a Spring dress) and we got our front row seats for the performance. 
I cannot tell you how amazing it was. I may be a bit biased because she is my sister, but it was  unbelievable. She nailed the role and her performance was top notch. 
When did this kid grow up?  She is tall, stylish, and far more mature than I was at 16. (She even had the nerve to ask when she was going to be an aunt. This girl is in high school, when she has the time to come and help me out, she may have some bargaining power with that question). I’m crossing my fingers she gets her butt out to Chicago this summer and comes and stays with us.  

I’m also planning on cashing in when she gets her driver’s license. When I was in high school, I drove this little one around a lot, so it’s about time to turn the tables. There is a window between ages 16-21 where your little sibling makes the ultimate designated driver. Next time I’m home and enjoying drinks with friends, guess who is driving me around?

Do you have siblings? Older or younger? 

Which characteristic do they have that you don’t ?

  • Shani

    Your mom and sister are gorgeous just like you!

  • Liz Kaczmarek

    My sister just learned to drive a few months ago and it has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me! Built in DD when I go home to visit ;) Have a great day!!

    :) Liz
    Life By Liz

  • Sierra

    Thanks Shani!

  • Sierra

    payback….big time

  • Heather

    Aww you guys are gorgeous! So great that you got to be there for your sister’s debut.