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Although I have not been posting as much about food, I assure you that I am still cooking a lot. I wish I was one of those awesome bloggers that posted fantastic recipes with precise measurements, but I’ve realized that is not who I am. I like opening the fridge, seeing what we have and putting together something that sounds good at the moment. I like seeing something seasonal and fresh and working it into my meal idea. I like challenging myself with making something awesome with what I can scrounge up from my kitchen. 
I love food and I love cooking and the more my life fills up with other commitments and responsibilities, the more important it becomes for me to to unplug, put on an apron, and get creative. It may not be a recipe, it may not be something gourmet, but creating meals for myself and my husband is something that I VALUE and I do it well. I struggle with some things, I’m okay with others, but cooking is something that makes sense for me. 
{end weirdo thoughts….cue food pictures} 
I got very excited with I saw halloumi cheese at Trader Joes. Have you heard of it? It’s a delicious Greek cheese with a rubbery texture that we ate a lot in South Africa. I grilled up some slices and made a simple salad of arugula, corn, green onions, spiced nuts, and a balsamic drizzle. Tasted like summer. 

I have become even more extreme with my ideals about the integrity of food. These Amylu chicken  sausages are 100% natural and have no nitrates, no preservatives, no MSG, and 0g sugar. I have been working my way through a couple of the varieties, but the Chicken Chorizo ones are nice and spicy and are my favorite thus far. I made some breakfast burritos over the weekend that were top notch.

I got the 2% Fage the other day and remembered how creamy and delicious that stuff is. I mix it with cinnamon, stevia, and some almond butter for a little decadent treat. Needless to say, that container of yogurt didn’t last long. 

Fact: Eating vegetables makes you feel good. My eating on the weekend is very laid back, but sometimes I just find myself needing vegetables after a couple indulgent meals. This was a random mix of salad greens, asian style stir-fry, avocado, sesame seeds, sriracha, and that spicy peanut dressing from Trader Joes. 
The combo of eggs and avo really does it for me. This is a simple breakfast that I have been enjoying that literally takes a couple minutes to prepare and is loaded with protein and healthy fats. 

Cooking: chore or pleasure for you?

Awesome combo: Avocado + ___________ (fill in the blank)

Chobani or Fage? 

  • Christina

    Twins. This is why I love you.
    I’ve been on alert for foods without nitrates. God this world is scary in that ANYTHING can be in our foods. Eeek. I’ve been really concentrating on the ingredient lists on labels. I am SO team Fage. I have it almost every day. I just picked up a 0% last night but kept eyeing the 2% bc it’s so darn delicious and really, who cares about the slight difference in fat/cals? Worth it. I’ve been eating mine with strawberries because they’re delicious this time of year. I also have been eating a ton of avo + eggs + salsa + feta. I don’t know that I’ve ever tried halloumi, but based on all the foods we usually have in common, I’m going to pick some up from TJ’s. Muah!

  • Shani

    Cooking is a pleasure
    Avocado + Salmon canned
    Fage all the way

  • Lindsay

    Cooking is fun when I have time — which is usually on Sunday evenings when I do my food prep for the week. It saves me loads of time during that next week when I’m getting lunches together.

  • Britt

    We used to eat halloumi on everything in Cyprus, so delicious! I love summer food, it’s exciting to start craving the light salads and meals again

  • Emily Mueller

    I rarely click out of the comfort of my blog reader but oh my goodness, Avocado + Grill = Perfection. We make this recipe several times in the summer (with whole wheat pasta and freshly cooked beans instead of canned). TO DIE FOR.

  • Sierra

    swoon! Love the look of this for a summer supper!

  • Sierra

    get the halloumi….thank me later.

    You only live once, 2% is worth it.

  • Mary Engdahl

    Avocado and potato… When my husband is out of town I will eat a baked potato with a poached egg and slices of avocado! A little bit of fleur de sel and freshly cracked pepper is a perfect dinner for one for me!

    And I can’t wait to pick up that cheese, never heard of it!

    Mary from

  • Sierra

    sounds spectacular, I will have to try it! Maybe with sweet potato…