Sunday, June 30, 2013

OOTD, Skirt Editions

I go to Target for one simple thing and I leave with a skirt, a dress, and a decorative bowl from Nate Berkus. 100 bucks later....womp womp. 

Skirt, Target (this one). Tank, Target. Jean Jacket, Tory Burch. Sandals, Jack Rogers. Headband, J.Crew. 

Skirt, Target (hand-me-down from my mom). Blouse, Ralph Lauren. Belt, Top Shop. 

Linen Skirt, Country Road (Aussie brand). Striped Tee, Forever 21. Sandals, Jack Rogers

I just did another major overhaul of my closet. If I haven't worn it since I moved to Chicago, it's a goner. Feels freeing.

Summer: Skirts, Dresses, or Shorts? 

Last Target Purchase? 


Ashley said...

Story of my life! I went to Target yesterday for 4 beach towels and walked out with 15 items.

Aerin said...

Cute! I'll take your hand-me-downs!

Sierra said...

right? I have no idea why she didn't want it

Sierra said...

Target, 29792742. Ashley, 0

Sara Louise said...

It breaks my heart that there isn't a Target in France... breaks my heart! I could happily spend an afternoon spending money I shouldn't be on ridiculously cute things like that skirt :)

Taylor said...

just started following your blog and i love it!! also read your post about your wedding-- I just graduated from College of Charleston and William Aiken house was right across the street from me. Such a beautiful venue!

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