…& Then I Decided to “Just Do It”

The fact that it is June is beyond me. Come mid-July, I will have been in Chicago for a whole year!

While this year has been incredible, I recently had a little wobbly about myself. I had a birthday and I’ve been in this glorious city almost a year and I feel unaccomplished…

There are still walls in our apartment I need to put art on…
There are still girls I have been meeting up with, but our schedules are not cooperating…
There are things I have wanted to do with this blog that sit on the back burner…

But it is what it is. I live my life and it’s up to me to make things happen.

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Something changed, I snapped, and I suddenly stopped putting things off and started doing.

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1. I contacted the artists of some of the art I bought last month and got recommendations for matting and framing….ordered and being shipped.

2. I contacted an organization I have been wanting to volunteer with since I moved to Chicago. There next orientation was the following day, so I re-arranged my schedule and went. Now I am signed up to volunteer and I will be spending 4 hours a week giving my time to something that fills my heart with gratitude and puts perspective in my life.

& finally…

3. I booked myself to go on a yoga retreat by myself (I’m actually peer pressuring my sister to join me). I know I am holding more stress than is healthy for me and I need a week to disconnect with my daily pressures (mostly self-inflicted) and reconnect with the beautiful, positive person that is inside of me.

Proof that it is the right decision? Everything has worked out. I am able to use my airlines miles to book my flights (hello $5 flights), a friend of a friend just went and raved about it, and I feel good. It’s a little offbeat, a little random, a little unexpected, but I need it.

Didn’t know I did Yoga? I’m full of surprises right now.

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Have you ever traveled solo? I often travel alone for a couple days, but usually for work or visiting family. I have never traveled and stayed in a resort all by myself. 

When was the last time you surprised yourself? Act out of character, it makes life zesty. 

  • Meghan

    Ahh! I want to hear all about the yoga retreat! That’s amazing. And volunteering! I played bingo with seniors last summer and LOVED it!

  • http://stoprunningdad.blogspot.com/ Declan

    We all need time to refocus ourselves and see if we are going in the direction that matches our goals.
    Volunteering is so important, kudos on making sure to stay involved!

    I travel solo for work or a quick event that is too much to lug around a kid.

    Last time I surprised myself? hmm Signing up for the Marathon after telling myself every week for like a year that I never wanted to do one.

  • http://yeartwenty-nine.blogspot.com/ Marcia Ginger

    This is incredible – and inspiring. Have a fantastic trip!

  • sweethanrahan.com

    This is amazing, I love this!!!
    Have you tried doing Pilates in Milennium Park? It’s every Saturday this summer and it’s FREE!!! I’m going to try it this Saturday.
    You can find the schedule here: http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dca/supp_info/millennium_park4.html
    I think they are also now offering spinning!

  • Katethegrr8

    What is the yoga retreat you’re doing? I’ve been looking into doing one solo and they’re all super expensive or I know nothing about them. Just trying to weed out the bad ones from the good… any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Katie @ Live Half Full

    I want to hear more about the yoga retreat!