Day 1 @ Present Moment Yoga Retreat

Every single time I am waking up at 3-something in the AM, I vow to never take the 6AM flight again. Then the schedule or a cheap price lures me in and I convince myself to book it. Then I black out the memory of my foolish decision until the week of the flight. 
This trip was no exception. I needed an early flight to get my connection, so 6AM was the only option. You can imagine how awesome I was feeling with less than 4 hours of sleep.
ORD-LAX….switch airlines, re-check bags. LAX- ZIH.
I arrived at the little airport and was greeted by the private taxi company that took me to the town of Troncones, where PresentMoment is located.
After a quick 20 minute cab ride with a Spanglish conversation with my driver, we reached the little dirt road and arrived at the resort. He unloaded my bag and I walked in the gates. It was a little unclear who to talk to or where to check in, but I found the gift shop and the resort staff which happily checked me in and showed me the layout of the resort and my room.
Present Moment consists of 11 rooms/private bungalows and I was lucky enough to land ‘Peace’ which is the only room with AC (insert fist pump). The resort is located in in Troncones and the beaches are breathtaking. 

This was technically  “Day 1” and I was technically supposed to be starting my cleanse, but the 3:30 wake up call demanded massive amounts of coffee and my second leg of the trip was first class, which called for wine (I have my own set of rules and one of those rules is when flying first or business class, have a drink and enjoy the ride).  After coffee and wine, the detox was going to have to hold on a day. I put on my bikini, headed down to the beach and enjoyed a margarita and sunshine.  

Cleanse officially started on Day 2.
This is going to be a long series of posts…brace yourself. 

  • Christina

    Oh this is fun…keep going

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    Ahh! I am dying for all of the recaps!

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    Ooo love the series. I’ll be tuned in :)

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    Mexico is beautiful. We just got back from Cozumel.

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    So far day one sounds like my perfect day. :)

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    This looks amazing! I cannot wait to hear more!