Day 3: Well this feels Awesome…

Since I was cleansing, I would wake up and have my clay “shake” upon waking up. The staff at the resort would prepare it for me (keeping the psyllium husk separate) and I would shake it up in the AM and chug it while sitting out on my balcony, reflecting on the day and journalling. 
My balcony was amazing and I loved sitting out there, but there was no railing. Not the safest, but I was careful. 
While the yoga class schedule is the same every day, the teachers rotate, so there is a natural variation in styles, intention, and flow to keep things interesting. One thing all the instructors had in common was that the assists was like NOTHING I had every experienced before. Previously, when a yoga instructor assisting me into a position, it felt like a correction. I felt as if I was doing something wrong and they were putting my body into the right position. This was different. It was like the instructors worked with my body, my breath, and melted my body and adjusted my pose. It felt like an improvement, a treat, almost like a massage. Previously in yoga classes, having an instructor come over to me made me a little nervous, a little self conscious and a little motivated to try harder. This wasn’t like that. I wanted their help, I welcomed it, and I knew it was improving my practice. My body enjoyed it and it felt natural. I don’t know if it was the instructors, the atmosphere, or the “openness to getting the most out of yoga”, but I liked it, I liked it a lot. 
Post yoga it was the dreaded herb drink, a quick shower and then breakfast with a view. 

I believe this smoothie was called Berry Zen and made with berries, coconut milk, and banana. Simple and delicious and a perfect treat post-yoga. 
Post breakfast I took a walk along the beach and found a spot for some sun and reading. I read 3 books while I was there, the first being Middlesex. Not exactly light reading, but very interesting and thick enough to keep me occupied for a couple days. 

After a couple hours on the beach, I walked back to the resort for a little treat. I had booked a deep tissue detox massage. Present Moment offers several different types of massages and they are all in simple rooms with open air, overlooking the beach. I love an over the top luxurious spa with fluffy robes and fancy waiting rooms, but this had a different charm that also captured my heart. I had never had a massage with the sounds of the waves in the background and the quality of the treatment was phenomenal.

Lis worked on my areas of tension, gave me feedback, and used a pressure left me feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

Post massage, I felt like I was floating. Between the yoga and the massage, my body was completely at ease, very centered, and self-aware. No tension and everything felt effortless.

Lunch was a salad. Mexico isn’t a place I normally eat salad, but this resort prides itself on the quality and integrity of the good and the ingredients, so salads were a staple.

For dinner, I discovered one of my favorite meals. Spicy Carrot and Red Pepper soup with chunks of avocado. This soup was raw and made in the juicer and I was blown away by the combination of flavors from such simple ingredients. For some reason carrot juice really scares me, but this is so similar and I was obsessed.

I also had raw zucchini “pasta” with pesto. Not my favorite. Raw zucchini just doesn’t do it for me.

It started raining during dinner, so half way through I made a move inside and finished up before heading back to my room for reading and listening to the storm.

What goes through your mind when a yoga teacher assists you in your poses? 

Have you had spiraled veggies? Is spiralized a work? 

  • Heather Balogh

    First of all, I’m reading Middlesex now– super interesting! I’ve never considered a retreat like this but reading your posts makes me realize it could be so relaxing!

  • Christina

    I am enjoying these recaps. Wish I could have joined you! But we would have been probably not focusing on the right things and giggling too much haha! I got called out in a yoga class for doing something wrong and I was so embarrassed and never went back. She was kinda rude about it, saying “Hey, girl in the pink, no, it’s not like that.” I was like SERIOUSLY? Spiralized is definitely a word on menus! I have a y-shaped vegetable peeler that makes veggie “pasta” and I love it. It was like 6 bucks. Or sometimes I’ll use my food processor. :)

  • Katie @ Live Half Full

    I definitely know the feeling of a GOOD yoga instructor giving you a modification. I have one instructor like that at my studio that I always love her classes. Sometimes it DOES feel like you’re doing something wrong and you lose focus- I hate that.

  • Kelly Janowski

    I appreciate the assists, because in my experience they are similar to what you encountered – usually gentle motion or a light massage. Loves it.

  • Dana

    Sometimes I really appreciate the assists, helping me get into better positions etc. But when its just to turn my hand the opposite direction it kind of bugs me! I really want to get a spiralizer, let me know if you find a good one!
    Love these recaps – makes me want to take a ‘me’ vacation as soon as all this life craziness has passed – fingers crossed its soon!!