Sister Time

Last week I did a cross-country jaunt. 
Chicago to Portland, ME for some family time…
Portland, ME to San Francisco for my best friend’s baby shower…
…and finally back to Chicago with an extra passenger! 
My sister! 
The fun started when I rented a Zipcar Prius (when in Rome…) in SF and drove down to pick up Miss Ella. (Side note- when my sister gets her driver’s license, I fully intend to cash in on all the free rides. Since she is 11 years younger than me, I shuttled her around a lot when I was in high school and she owes my friends and I a couple years of designated driving duties) We checked into a hotel by the airport and she ended up Yelping this fantastic spot for dinner. Since my best friend Alyssa didn’t want to miss out on the sister fun, she invited herself and it turned into an awesome girl’s evening at tiny papa…aka Papito. If you live in the Bay Area, this is a must. It is a French owner that does Mexican food and it is phenomenal. The night ended with free churros and agave wine- clearly a good night. 
My mom joined us at the hotel for the evening to get some time with her girls and bright and early we caught the hotel shuttle to the airport. You can’t tell in the photo, but we were both rocking black bottoms and chambray button-ups. Completely unplanned, but equally ridiculous. 
We were flying Southwest instead of Virgin America (that terminal is hands down the best!), so our food options were limited by the gate. We ended up with oatmeal from Peet’s Coffee and Tea which is identical to Starbucks with the dried blueberries and nuts. My little trick is to add some half and half and some cinnamon from the coffee station to make it extra delicious. 
We got seats next to each other on the plane and passed the time by chatting and watching Top Chef for the next couple hours. (P.S -Southwest has free dish TV on select flights). 
When we arrived to Chicago, we orange-lined it to my apartment, relaxed for a hot second, and then walked over to Native Foods Cafe for an early dinner. It was one of their community days, so we scored free vegan peach cake. After dinner we walked home, showered, put on fluffy white robes and got cozy on the couch with a couple episodes of Orange is the New Black and our vegan peach cake. 
Unofficial theme of my sister’s trip was, “Eat all the delicious things and walk your butt off“. If my parents ask, the theme of the trip was, “Chicago College Campus Touring” 
The following day I had some meetings in the AM, so I let my sister loose on State St. to do some shopping. When I was done, I came home and we ventured down south to Saucy Porka for some bacos (bao buns + tacos), a pork and kimchi bahn mi, and some fried plantain chips. 
so saucy

Later that evening, we hit up a launch party for Issa’s new line at Banana Republic. Banana Republic has got my number down with these designer collaborations. I LOVED the Milly line and got a couple pieces for summer and I was equally impressed with the Issa collection. I have an Issa dress and the fabric quality was on par with the Banana Republic version, but a fraction of the cost.

The little party included virgin Pimm’s lemonade and adorable cookies. The launch included a 30% off coupon, so I treated myself to that orange-zebra number on the left (when my husband saw this dress in my closet he responded with, “nice, you got yourself a squirrel suit“….he later showed me this video to show me the resemblance) . I was on the fence on the green short sleeve one, but it may end up in my closet at a later date.

Since my sister is a huge theatre person (super talented and amazing), we also went to see Book of Mormon.

Since I am an make up idiot and my sister is an all-star, I demanded that she do my make up every time we went out to dinner. My husband was out of town for the week, so my bathroom turned into the makeup epicenter. Too bad this chick was in kindergarden when I was in high school because I could of really used some help. 

We also did the college campus tour circuit and visited Northwestern, DePaul, and University of Chicago. I cannot tell you how excited I would be to have Ella in Chicago with me. This means I would have a make up artist, a dog sitter (when I get a dog), and a buddy to explore the city with.

College touring breakfast of campions

This also happened.

Every visitor must experience the carby goodness of Glazed and Infused.

How many siblings do you have? What are the age gaps? It is just us two girls in my family, and we are 10.5 years apart. 

Thoughts on the new BR Issa collection? Some of the necklines were a little high for my liking. They seemed more “business-y” than the original line. I love my “squirrel suit” Issa and very comfortable- perfect for vacation. 

  • Whitney Elizabeth

    All girls in my family too! I have two sisters: 24, 2 year age difference, & 16, 10 year age difference!

  • Kelly Janowski

    It was great meeting your sister last week! It looks like you showed her the high life in Chitown.

    Team Wildcats for life, btw. I just look so good in purple …

  • m

    5 siblings (and it’s the BEST); loving the Issa line online-thanks for the recommendation! The colors are awesome, need to try on the green shortsleeve immediately, it would be awesome for work!

  • Catherine Crain

    I have a little brother and it’s almost 6 years difference…wouldn’t change a thing though! We’re so close!
    I tried on the same dress you got! I adored it on the hanger, but of course my store only had a M left, when I usually get a S….Needless to say it was slightly too long for my 5’4 frame and was too big! I really want to try on a small to see the difference… Love that green one too!

  • Maggie

    What??? You didn’t take her to Loyola??? I’M SO OFFENEDED. J/K. Sort of. Haha.

    I have two older brothers, they are 2.5 and 5 years older. I love them both now, but the one closer to my age and I kind of hated each other until … around the time I left for college. But now we all get along really well and I love their wives so much. My oldest bro married one of my best friends, which is pretty fantastic.