Love with Food

If you hang out with me in real life and I get a phone call, there is a high probability that it is my husband or my doorman. My husband hits up my phone because we share a life together and my doorman hits me up because I have packages or a visitor. Both of these announcements are worth getting excited about. 
When I returned from vacation, I had a nice stack of boxes, included these: 
1. My heart rate monitor I won from Erica’s blog by donating to Honey’s Runners 
2. My August Love with Food box
3. My August goodies box 
Basically, fitness and food. 
I originally subscribed to Love with Food with a free box offer from Twitter, but I really ended up liking it, so I went ahead and got a subscription. It is $10 a month, includes some unique items, and for every box I purchase, a meal is donated to a child in need. 

AUGUST:  I really liked this month’s box because it contained an item I have been wanting to try for a long time: Dizzy Pig! As soon as I opened the box, I knew what we were having for dinner- chicken on the grill seasoned with the Tsunami Spin. I loved all the spice blends and I plan on buying some. It’s a great way to add a lot of flavor without a lot of effort or extra fat and calories.

The rest of the box was pretty good as well. I like the individual sized salsa – perfect for bringing in a lunch for a salad dressing. The Bops have super cute packaging and are a baked chip that I am excited to try. Popchips are my #1, but it’s nice to have a sample of something before committing to a larger size.

JULY: This box wasn’t my favorite. The pretzels were smashed and there didn’t seem to be that many items that I liked or would eat. The box contained salted carmel popcorn (delicious), a sourdough pretzel, a tiny beef stick, Necco wafers, flavored salts, Bloody Mary peanuts, Nature’s Bakery bar, and a piece of salt water taffy, and a $25 gift card to Hello Fresh.

I’ve had Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars in other flavors, but the box featured their new strawberry flavor. Inside each package is 2 bars, each approximately 50 calories, so I like to have one in the AM with my coffee before my workouts.  I also give Nature’s Bakery an A+ with the strawberry flavor, my favorite thus far. 

Overall, this box was okay. I wasn’t thrilled, but I figured I would stay another month and see what arrived.

JUNE: This was my first box and I was pretty impressed. I have tried everything in the picture except the surf sweets and the flavrz, and I actually really liked most of them. The popsicle slushie thing (smooze?) was a creative addition and it was the perfect little treat when I had a crazy ice cream craving. I was also very impressed with the plantain chips and the pur gum, both of those items I would buy if I saw them in the store. Pur gum is aspartame free and I loved the pomegranate flavor. I have a tendency to go to town on sugarfree gum when left unattended and it gives me a bloated stomach, so I don’t keep it around often, but Pur gum is fantastic alternative. 

The box also contained a $50 gift card to Naked Wines which supports small independent wineries. Obviously, I got a case and used that gift card. It was a great deal, we are enjoying the wines, and it’s nice to know we are supporting smaller wineries that are pursuing their passion. 
The boxes are loosely put together around a theme and have a list of the items and often some special discounts or coupons. 
September’s Love with Food is a special edition: Gluten Free! I’m not gluten free, but recently my doctors have suggested that I am sensitive and are encouraging me to try an elimination diet. I’m not quite ready to take the plunge (waiting on test results), but I am more conscious of labels. 
If you are interested in the Gluten Free box curated by Chef Ming Tsai, get on it and order it HERE
*Links for Love with Food are referral links, but opinions are my own. I paid for this subscription and I am sharing it because I enjoy it, and think the product is relevant to my readers. Snacks are delicious, who doesn’t like snacks? 

Do you chew gum? Which kind? I really love the mint chocolate chip dessert kind – guilty pleasure. 

  • Erica Agran

    I love Love with Food. It is one of the only subscriptions I have kept. I met the team including the founder at BlogHer and I love them, too!!

  • Carly @ Createlive

    Ladyfriend, I am also “sensitive” to gluten and have noticed that I feel a lot better when I avoid it. I still allow myself to eat it when I want to (Coalfire…), but I try to keep it to rare occasions.

  • Terri Knight

    I am so excited to try Love with Food! I just got a subscription thanks for blogging about this!
    Love your blog!