Mukul: Day 4

 I actually want to back up and finish up Day 3

After the turtle extravaganza, we went back to our room and decided to play bartender with the minibar. The family that owns Mukul also owns Flor de Caña rum, so rum was abundant throughout the day. Since we enjoyed watching the sunset from our deck, we ordered limes and mint to the room and got our mojito on…

Impromptu bar on my husband’s nightstand? totally normal. 
On a different note, I need to express my love for a sit down vanity. One day when I am able to design my dream bathroom, I am going to have the most deluxe sit down vanity where I can sit and do my hair and make up. Hopefully I will learn to do hair and make up when then time arrives. Until that time, I will just live it up when I stay in hotels and resorts and pretend like I know what I’m doing (says the girl that didn’t bring the hairbrush on vacation). 

Anyways, I was all mojito-ed up sitting at the vanity doing my make up when I hear my husband yell, “Don’t move!” As someone who is completely and utterly terrified of snakes, I immediately jumped on that round pouf and expected the worst…
He points to this….

A crab- about the size of my palm. In my mind, this wasn’t scary. I wasn’t thrilled it was in our room (how did it get in?), but it could of been much worse. My husband ended up chasing it for a couple minutes and finally getting it into a basket and putting it outside. After that excitement, we were ready for dinner.

Fast forward to the next morning.


My husband went with chilaquiles.

I had something called “drowned eggs”. This was scrambled eggs with green sauce and onion, topped with yuca. As with every other breakfast dish, this was phenomenal.

Since we are on vacation, we also ordered granola pancakes with apples and had a couple bites.

After breakfast we got assumed our positions by the pool.

That book in my hand was amazing and actually gave me shivers and made me cry on several occasions (in a good way). I highly recommend Same Kind of Different As Me: 

A Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together – it is a true story and it is awesome. 

After a couple hours in the sun and play time in the pool, it was time for lunch and bananagrams. 

Lunch was shrimp cocktail and plantain empanadas. Let the record state that I won the bananagrams despite being one glass of white wine deep.

Later that evening, we did a rum tasting in Mukul’s exclusive Flor de Caña rum room. It was really interesting to hear the history of the rum and the different varietals. Although rum usually gets a bad reputation for being sugary, Flor de Caña is actually on par with the nutrition of vodka, clocking it at only 69 calories per ounce. It is also distilled 5 times, making the product smooth and easy to drink (also said to prevent hangovers).

The director of food and beverages, Raul, gave us a spectacular account of the brand and lead us through the tastings of the different varietals. The tasting was unique and we went over all five senses to experience the rum.

The rum tasting is a MUST if you visit Mukul.

Have you done a food or alcohol tasting? Wine, tequila, chocolate, coffee…now rum! 

What would you rather have in your room? Crab, Snake, or Spider? Crab 

  • Heather Balogh

    I swear, your vacations always make me so jealous :)

  • Dana

    Oh I am so with you – some day I really want a sit down vanity! And I would definitely go with the crab as opposed to the other two choices :)

  • Katie @ Live Half Full

    We went on amazing private tour of the Champagne region yesterday! I can’t wait to share the details. :)

  • Catherine Crain

    That book is probably one of the best I’ve ever read! I’m so jealous of your stay at Mukul! let me add that to my list….

  • Michelle Abs

    I just finished reading Same Kind of Different as Me, which I got after reading this blog post. It’s not normally the type of book I read, but I really loved it! And I agree, it made me teary eyed at several parts.

  • Sierra

    I needed that type of book. It really put everything into perspective and spoke to the power of “a bigger plan at play”. Glad you enjoyed it. What is next on your list?